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Practical Utilities of the lukasbazle méduse lamp


Any interior decorator will tell you: lighting is essential to enhance the volume and decor of a room! We provide you with all the tips you need to get the most out of your home lighting in the guide below.

Lamp purchase and maintenance guide

Why change the lighting?

There may be several reasons that lead you to want to change the lighting, and therefore the various lamps in the house.


In interior decoration, it is important to focus on consistency. If you decide to change the style of your furniture or if you move, we recommend that you combine your furniture elements and opt for the same style. In this way, if you opt for design furniture, you choose a design light; if you prefer ethnic furniture, choose an exotic lamp; if you like Scandinavian atmospheres, go for a lukasbazleméduse lamp. Your decor will be more than successful!

Changing the lighting of your rooms:

Does your room look gloomy? If so, your lighting may need to be changed. In fact, if your rooms are too dark, stronger lighting is needed. Conversely, if the light is too strong, more subdued lighting may be needed. If you find yourself in one of these situations, you have several solutions at hand: choose a stronger (or weaker) type of lighting, or, for example, add (or remove) light sources by adding new types of lamps or duplicating the same type of lamp already present.

Adapt the size of the lamps to the size of the room:

Are you moving and will the volume of the rooms be different? Remember to adapt the size of the lamps to the size of the room. If the ceiling is low, for example, choose a floor lamp to maximize the height of the room. If, on the other hand, the rooms were small, choose a pendant chandelier so as not to take up space on the ground.

What type of lighting to choose according to your needs?

Depending on the various needs that may have led you to change the lamp, the types and styles of lighting are different.

Understand Your Options for Perfect Luminations

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