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Adapting the dimensions of your pendant light to the area of ​​the room will allow you to gain in brightness while having a balanced, harmonious and well-balanced rendering. So, for example, you can dare an imposing chandelier 50 cm in diameter to optimize the lighting of a spacious room of 20 m2, while a sober suspension of 30 cm will be more than enough to distribute the light in a small room of 10 m2 in all delicacy.

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Then make sure that your méduse lamp luminaire does not in any way obstruct passage by positioning it high enough from the ground: typically at a minimum of 2.15 meters for a living room or an entrance. It is also preferable to leave about 1 meter of space above the dining table, or even 50 cm above the bedside tables. Finally, standardize the shapes by opting for a spherical suspension above a round table and for a longer structure near rectangular furniture.

Each room has its own style of suspension

Because each room has its own function, choosing an adequate suspension will optimize the visual rendering of your interior. Thus, preserve the cocooning atmosphere of the rooms with a fabric suspension and a warm light for a soft and warm lighting. In the kitchen, choose metal suspensions or glass suspensions to create an industrial spirit and facilitate cleaning. For the dining room, play on conviviality, for example with an alignment of several wooden suspensions above a rectangular table.


Bet on originality and a grandiose effect in your living room. Metal suspension with an original structure, “oversize” bamboo chandelier, wired suspension, multiple suspensions, there is no shortage of lighting models to meet your expectations and create a modern, classic, artistic, minimalist or even Scandinavian atmosphere. Finally, assert your decorative style in the entryway.

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