What Is A Roto Telehandler?


Telehandler hire is a popular and important part of the plant hire industry. For those seeking advice and assistance from plant hire experts, what should you be looking for out of a roto telehandler in particular? Rotating telehandler hire is a fantastic way to make great use of a flexible, versatile and multi-purpose vehicle. A roto telehandler is great help for many specific tasks on site, as well as day-to-day tasks that are needed on any project. If you are in need of hiring a roto telehandler, look for the best plant hire companies that can provide you with one of the latest models, wherever your site is located.

Utilising roto telehandlers

There are few vehicles as versatile as a roto telehandler. It is a multi-purpose vehicle that carries out many different tasks on site that both a forklift and a crane can provide individually. That is what makes a rotating telehandler for hire all the more attractive to those project managers looking for versatility to help on sites where there are many different challenges to face and strict budgets to work within.

Flexible telehandler attachments

Telehandler attachments for hire offer this next level versatility that allows the user to control the vehicle as both forklift and crane. Not only can you lift heavy materials in place, but with different telehandler attachments, such as a winch, the lifting capabilities increase, extending the reach and meaning that there is such a wider scope for effectiveness on site when using a roto telehandler. There are many different types of attachments for a telehandler, such as forks, baskets, space arms and winches.

Benefits of a roto telehandler on site

The versatility of a roto telehandler is such that there are many different tasks that it can perform to a high and consistent standard. You have got the tools of a telehandler, a crane and an access platform unit in one piece of machinery. It is easy to switch between different functions, making things adaptable quickly and safely. Overall, a roto telehandler is a great way to improve standards whilst saving time and money in the process.

The operator has use of a vehicle that is intuitive in terms of control and offers a comfortable way to operate in a precise manner. This can only benefit the effective completion of tasks on site, whilst the stability of telehandlers continues to improve, meaning a significantly improved safety standard of use on site too. 

Roto telehandler hire could be the perfect solution to a problem you are facing on site. With various telehandler attachments for hire and the basic options that a telehandler offers you, there are many different tasks that can be completed with ease and safety by using a roto telehandler. Plant hire companies can provide you with the latest models, utilising the latest technology, that makes roto telehandlers great to use in the tasks that you require assistance with. They’ll deliver to your desired schedule, arrive fully maintained and with training manuals, and if there is a problem with a break-down, the best plant leasing contracts in the UK will have a provision for a fast replacement and/or repair on machinery. That way, you’ll experience minimal downtime and experience the best results.

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