Patrick Shin – The Brains behind Nan Inc.


If you have heard of Nan Inc. in Hawaii, then you have probably heard of Patrick Shin as well. The construction company was single-handedly founded by him and he is also a philanthropist. While people may be aware of this fact, they don’t really know where he came from and how he has managed to establish such a company. After all, Nan Inc. has received a number of awards and certificates for doing excellent work and is one of the top construction companies you will find in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The fact is that none of this could have happened if Patrick Shin had given up, considering the obstacles in his way. First off, he was born in South Korea as Nan Chul Shin, but he pursued his dream of moving to the United States. He changed his name upon accomplishing the dream because he wanted to fit into the new culture. But, his challenges were not done yet because his entire family was living in a one-bedroom apartment and struggling financially.

He was working in New York with his brother on his fishing business when luck did him a favor and he got a scholarship that landed him in Bowling Green State University. He walked out with a majors in business administration and a dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Patrick Shin worked for a construction firm in Hawaii and finally achieved his dream in 1990 when he founded Nan Inc. Today, he is one of the most successful general contractors in the state.

He had wanted to make a contribution to Hawaii’s bright future and this is another goal that Patrick Shin has managed to achieve. As for his personal accomplishments, you will find that the net worth of Patrick Shin – owner of Nan Inc. is somewhere around $10 million to $50 million, which is extremely impressive, considering how he had started. His first project had been putting in a road sign, but he hadn’t let this discourage him in any way.

Today, his company deals with multimillion-dollar projects and has made contributions in various industries and none of this would have been possible without Patrick Shin, who is the brains behind Nan Inc. Not only has he continued to make a mark in the construction industry, but he has also done wonders with his generosity by helping and supporting a number of causes and charities that can make a difference in society.

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