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You may perhaps plan to relocate to another city and want to sell off your existing home for a good price. Carrying out Bathroom refurbishment Oxford can help gain value. Outdated bathroom and kitchen styles only make the house to feel much older than what it is. It also appears dull and less interesting to potential buyers. Hence, attracting more potential customers to look at your home and getting good amount will become a problem.

Bathroom refurbishment Oxford & renovation ideas to consider

  • Flooring: Linoleum is no more favored by most homeowners for the kitchen or bathroom as it only makes the house to seem outdated. Even hardwood appears worn and old very quickly. But flooring is vital for the bathroom. You may select natural stone flooring, porcelain or ceramic tiles. They can sustain foot traffic in good amounts, can be easily cleaned and also appears nice always. They are also found to be quite appealing to any modern design. You can also decorate it as desired.
  • Custom design: To derive the max from your Bathroom refurbishment Oxford project, you should consider custom design options. Bespoke bathrooms are quite visible. They do make a huge difference to your pricing. Do not invest in outrageous designs as it will only make even classic homebuyers to feel uncomfortable. The space should not be made to appeal only to a specific style type. You may consider exquisite stonework like granite, natural stone, travertine and slate.
  • Kitchen counter tops: Linoleum does not work anymore for the kitchen. Rather, select granite kitchen worktop as they appear extremely practical and nice. Select only neutral color that may go perfectly with any style desired. It should also match the floor, hardware and cabinets. To match the new counters, replace existing cupboard hardware if they have got old.
  • Bathtub: Bathroom refurbishment Oxford is very much important and should be selected with great care. Bathrooms may be relaxation areas and home spas or purely conventional. You can consider creating a separate wetroom and bathtub to derive that expensive and elegant feel. The spa tub is also an excellent relaxation space while being separate to the shower. For custom tiling jobs, you can use marble or travertine. Mosaic tiles when incorporated can enhance the wetroom wall while providing it with a decorative flair. The master bathroom should be a comfortable and relaxing space.

You may consult the certified Bathroom refurbishment Oxford company to derive more ideas to make your home attractive to potential buyers.

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