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Mistakes That You Must Avoid During Your Aircon Installation


Air conditioner while serving a simple purpose, is after all a machine like any other. Therefore, many things may go wrong if proper installation and maintenance are not performed. There are numerous air conditioner system installation contractors in Singapore who may claim them as the best.

The important thing is that your AC unit is properly installed, whether you do it all by yourself or hire an aircon installation service such as https://lkbrothersaircon.com/services/aircon-installation/. The smooth operation of your AC is ensured by proper installation.

However, the following are a few blunders that you must avoid while installing your air conditioner.

1.   Installing AC of the wrong size

Before installing any air conditioner, you must measure your area, and based on that you must choose the right capacity of AC. An oversized AC will consume more electricity while an undersized one may not cool the area enough.

2.   Installing at the wrong location

Select the location of your air conditioner from where you can circulate the air throughout the room. Also, you must install your outside unit in a shaded area and there must not be any obstruction so that it can exhaust well.

3.   Hiring a wrong installer

Your air conditioner is a sophisticated piece of equipment and hence it should always be handled by a certain well-experienced technician. Do not try to cut the corners by hiring an inexperienced installer who may damage the equipment.

4.   Positioning thermostat wrongly

All air conditioners come with either manual or automatic thermostats. The thermostat is your central nervous system air conditioner. As a result, for the air conditioner to function properly, the thermostat should be properly positioned.

5.   Ignoring the position of ceiling fans

Your ceiling fan and the air conditioner work in tandem and hence the air thrown by both of them should complement each other. If they are wrongly installed then you may not experience sufficient cooling in the room.

6.   Improperly insulating your refrigerant line

The refrigerant line transports refrigerant from the condenser of your external unit of AC to the interior unit of your AC. Because this line will be exposed to the elements, it must be insulated. Otherwise, there can be energy efficiency issues as a result your AC will be strained.

7.   Wrongly positioning the vents

If you are installing a central air conditioning system, you may also be installing a certain duct system. If you are installing a duct system, you are almost certainly installing vents as well. What you may not realise is that the placement of these vents is very critical.

8.   Failing to check for any refrigerant leaks

Unfortunately, air conditioning installations can always be a little messy. On many occasions, this can result in minor leaks and punctures. As a result, after you have installed your system, you should check for leaks.

You can also learn from the mistakes of others and hence discuss with your Twitter friends to share their experiences while installing their air conditioners.

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