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Types of Belk Tiles for your Office and Home


Tiles make a prominent part of interior decoration and happen to be more sought in comparison to paints. That can be attributed to its pros of easy cleaning, variety, and materials that give a unique touch to the entire space. Whether it is for the workplace or home, Belk Tiles make an amazing alternative to enhance the space’s overall look.

This blog elaborates in detail about the different types of tiles popularly used for businesses and at home. So, let’s have a quick glimpse into each:

Why are Tiles the best alternative for your interiors?

Belk Tiles are considered to be the most cost-effective flooring solution, walls as well as decorating patios in addition to backyards. They are not only environmental-friendly but also provide adequate strength to the walls. The USP of tiles happens to be its cost-effectiveness and the flexibility to adapt to any area. Besides, it is available in different materials, including natural stones, ceramics, glass, porcelain, etc., giving it high durability compared to wood and paint.

Below listed are the most popular picks for tiles and where it can be used. Continue to read more about different tiles:

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain bell tiles are trendy and most sought for applying indoors and outdoors. It is made in high temperature that renders it the resistance against moisture. Besides, it also makes it less porous and more stain-resistant. They are available in different patterns of matte, high-polish finishes and unglazed.

Natural Stone Tiles

The USP of natural stone tiles is that no two stones would ever look alike. Formed after years of natural process inside the earth, they are most sought for decorating interiors. The most popular types include granite tile, travertine tile, and marble tile.

Mosaic Tile

These tiles are made of porcelain materials or clay. This is one of the highly sought tiles considering its ability to design creatively. They also make the perfect choice to decorate the interiors of your bathrooms, counter spaces, kitchen backsplashes, and areas containing more moisture.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles tend to be popular for its different shades, colors and sizes. They are extensively used across backsplashes, showers, and countertops. Besides, one can experiment with the patterns and colors, thereby offering limitless options to decorate your interiors.

Quality tiles can turn your workplace or home into new by adding the perfect combination of tiles that are pleasant to look at and durable too.

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