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The Best Arrangement for the Conservatories


In order to enjoy the lush greenery of plants and the pleasant aroma of flowers in the middle of winter, it is not at all necessary to fly to warm countries; it is enough to organize a conservatory. Such an object is a building with transparent walls and a roof, which provide maximum light penetration, which creates favorable conditions for the growth of various plants. The use of the conservatory is not limited to growing flowers. It can accommodate a pool, bar or gym. The architectural design of an object can be different: in the form of an independent room, an extension of a room or a corridor connecting two parts of the building. A glazed greenhouse will be a great addition to the exterior of a private home, apartment or business center, allowing it to stand out from other buildings.

Choice of Design and Location

The south is not the best side, as the air and plants inside the structure will overheat, which will increase the costs of ventilation and watering, and lead to unnecessary worries. However, in the cold winter season, plants on the south side will do their best.

The north is the least preferred choice, since such a conservatory will not accumulate heat well and give it away quickly. If, for a variety of reasons, it is necessary to equip the greenhouse from the north side, then you will have to take care of a powerful heating system. Now you can find out more about it in every phase.

Frame and Cladding oftheConservatory

For the construction of the frame, the following materials are usually used:

Steelprofile. Provides sufficient reliability, is inexpensive, but has significant weight. In order not to face the problem of corrosion, it is better to take a stainless steel profile;

The aluminum profile is corrosion resistant, lightweight, and boasts excellent durability. If the installation of structures was carried out by professionals in compliance with all the necessary construction technologies, aluminum conservatories will serve you for a very long time, bringing not only aesthetic pleasure, but also fresh fruits or vegetables all year round.

Wood can be called an alternative to a metal profile, but today such frames are built extremely rarely due to their impracticality, low durability and the need for constant maintenance. The metal profile can be combined with brick, from which the lower part of the conservatory is made.

Heating FortheConservatory

Even high-quality glazing and the correctly chosen side of the location of the conservatory will not save the plants from the cold in winter, so it is worth considering the heating system in advance. It is important that the artificial heat is evenly distributed throughout the room. The choice of a specific heating system depends on numerous factors, and, first of all, these are the types of plants grown and their requirements for environmental conditions, the area of ​​the structure and the features of its use. If the conservatory is an extension of the house, and you visit it every day, then you need a well thought-out heating system. If you grow frost-resistant crops and visit the garden irregularly, then a heater is enough.

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