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Tips for lighting with led lights at home


Lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider when decorating the house. Adequate lighting gives life and personality to each space in the house in combination with the tone of the walls and accessories. In addition, the lighting always gives a feeling of spaciousness.

The advantage with this type of led lights is that apart from their multiple advantages in lighting, they allow you to save more electricity consumption, which translates into less cost of money in electricity bills.

In that sense, LED lights are a great option for adequate home lighting including the economic factor.

Here are a few tips to properly illuminate each space in your home.

Recommendations for lighting with led lights

LED lighting in the room

The living room of the house is the space of the home where you spend most of your time with your family and where you receive your visitors, therefore it should look cozy and comfortable.

With this in mind, you can use an LED ceiling lamp or aim pendant lamp as the main light. The rest of the room can have spotlights or floor lamps distributed to harmoniously meet your lighting needs

LED lighting in the dining room

To illuminate the dining room you can use a ceiling lamp that lowers over the dining room table if it is small or if the table is large or circular, you can choose several pendant or linear lamps.

LED lighting in the kitchen

To adequately illuminate the kitchen you can use recessed spotlights in the ceiling. They can also be used on countertop top cabinets to better illuminate the surface where you prepare your food. For cabinets that are taller, you can locate a spotlight from spotlights with an arm.

LED lighting in bedrooms

The bedroom should be lit by one or two well-distributed main lights that illuminate the entire room. In addition, the bedside tables can be fitted with table lamps on both sides.

LED lighting in bathrooms

In the bathroom, it is advisable to place one or two main spotlights on the ceiling depending on the size.

LED lighting on the terrace

For the terrace there are a number of lighting options, you can use an aim pendant lamp, several fixed lanterns or wall lights well distributed on the walls to increase the light in the environment.

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