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Aim Pendant lamps: lighting and style from the top


The lighting is a key issue in any local hospitality. Regardless of the style of your restaurant, bar, cafeteria or bar, the light points, the type of bulbs and the lamps chosen will determine the atmosphere of the establishment. There are many options when choosing a lighting system.

Lighting: a fundamental question

Lighting is a basic aspect in a restaurant. If you are in the process of opening yours, if you want to reform the one that you already have open or if you consider that it is too gloomy, the lighting elements will be an essential issue to take into account. To these must be added other aspects, such as the color of the walls, the type of furniture or the presence of textile elements. Before starting the reform you should take into account:

Natural light: a primary issue. Regardless of the lighting system you choose, natural light will always be the most important.

Type of light: there are different options, such as LED, non-halogen incandescent (traditional bulbs), halogen incandescent, fluorescence. You can choose a combined system.

Type of premises and needs: it is not the same to plan the lighting of an Arab restaurant than of a bar with an industrial style. Take into account this premise as well as the busiest hours, the areas that will need more light depending on the service, whether it will be accent or ambient light.

Double functionality element: its practical function (lighting the premises) is complemented by the decorative one.

Advantages of pendant lamps

Once the lighting system of your premises has been defined, it is time to choose the lamps. In the case of hanging (or ceiling) these are some of its advantages:

Greater intensity: this type of spotlight distributes the light better throughout the space, allowing greater intensity.

They take up less space: as they are suspended from the ceiling, they do not occupy the space of a floor lamp, making them a perfect option for small spaces and making better use of space.

Variety of models: currently there are many models, styles, shapes, materials and colors of aim pendant lamps. This aim pendant replica allows combining this element with the rest of the decoration of the premises and doing it in a personalized way.

Tips for placing ceiling lamps

When placing the aim pendant lamps in your restaurant premises, you must take into account a series of questions:

Ceiling type: if they are very low, do not choose a very large lamp as the environment will be too overloaded. The type of material will also be decisive since not all support the same weight.

Height: they should not be too close to the ceiling because it would reduce lighting. If there are several lamps in the same room, they must be aligned and at the same height.

Tips for lighting with led lights at home

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