Three Vital Stages of Metal Fabrication Process for your Perusal 


Do you realize the effects of metal fabrication in your routine life? Rest assured that the metal fabrication industry affects us in more ways than you would imagine. A majority of structures incorporating metals would resort to fabrication in achieving the desired results. Metal fabrication would be best defined as the process of bending, cutting, and assembling various metal structures from different metal pieces and parts. It would not be wrong to suggest that the process of metal fabrication would require a skilled technician. 

Find below the stages associated with the fabrication process – 

The cutting of metal 

The metal would be cut to size using mechanized or manual techniques. Presently, numerous timesaving techniques have been used for cutting metals inclusive of torches, water jets, or lasers. These techniques have gained immense popularity in the industries worldwide, as they are controlled by computers. 

The bending of metal 

After the cutting of the sheet is accomplished, consider bending the metal into various shapes. It would usually be carried out through press brakes or hammering. It could be done manually or through an automated process. The sheet of metal would be clamped with press brakes using punches. 

Assembling of the pieces 

The final process entails assembling the pieces of metal again through various techniques inclusive of binding, riveting, fastening, and welding. 

These steps wrap up the process of metal fabrication. 

Is stamping a metal fabrication process 

You might come across a metal fabrication process known as stamping. The technique has been deemed suitable for the production of large quantities of a single part. Initially, stamping might need a significant investment, especially in the construction of the mold. Nonetheless, after the mold is built, the lower cost aspect would bring economies of scale into play. Stamping would often be used for items inclusive of hinges, panels, vents, and more. 


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