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Consequent to global warming, rising temperatures have affected almost every country globally. The countries that for cool and pleasant climatic conditions during summers are now experiencing excessive heat in summers.

As a result of rising temperatures, more and more people are constrained to buy and install fans, in addition to the air-conditioners, in their houses, workplaces as well as commercial and industrial units.  The installation of fans helpsbalance the cost of higher energy consumption by air conditioners to a greater extent while providing required cooling indoors and outdoors.

Why fans are required?

Considering the increase in hot and humid conditions prevailing all over the world including in Australia, a fan has become an essential commodity of almost every household.

A fan has become a common and regular need to keep the home adequately ventilated, and maintain the required room temperature of the room.

In order to suffice the purpose and address the need for fans as per consumers’ requirements in residences, offices, commercial or industrial establishments; many types of fans are available in the market.

Types of fans available in market

The range of fans available in the market includes:

  • Ceiling fans
  • Table fans
  • Pedestal fans
  • Wall Mount fans
  • Cabinet fans
  • Window fans
  • Tower Fans
  • Bathroom Exhaust Fans
  • Misting Fans

In addition, you may have:

  • Floor fans- are meant to provide powerful ventilation at foot level and can be installed in rooms with a low ceiling or where mounting a fan on a wall or ceiling is not possible
  • Whole house fans that are installed in the ceiling, between high points in the house and the attic that draws fresh air through windows and blow it out through the attic space

However, for common domestic and commercial use, people prefer Ceiling fans, Table fans Pedestal fans or Wall Mounted fans to bring down the temperature inside or outside the room.

You can buy the best international brands of fans online from a renowned and reliable company engaged in selling fans like Fans City in Australia.

Which one to buy, DC or AC fan?

As a fact of the matter, the electricity supplied by power companies is AC which is used for the functioning of the majority of the household electric appliances, such as ceiling fans and other electric kitchen appliances, in which AC motors are fitted.

Having AC motors, most domestic kitchen appliances, and fans can be connected directly to the power source for functioning whereas the domestic appliances and fans with DC motors including fans, when connected to AC power supply, need a converter i.e. a transformer for the conversion of power from AC to DC.

Fans working on DC technology are getting more popular in Australia as they consume have certain built-in advantages such as:

  • Less power consumption – hence reducing energy bills
  • Virtually noiseless – their incrediblyquiet operation is of immense value in applications like medical instruments, telecom switches as well as car entertainment systems
  • Extremely low electromagnetic interference – hence ideal for preventing overheating of  sensitive electronics like computers

Should you need to buy the most durable, economical yet elegantly designed fans; buy Milano, Cinni or SensuPunkah, made in Germany, fans online from Fans City- the most reliable name among fan selling companies in Australia.


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