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The Best Corporate Relocation Companies in 2021


2020 is coming to an end, and the process of moving remains relevant and will always be so. Therefore, it is very important to know which companies to trust. You can always conduct your own analysis to ensure the reliability of the company. And this is the most correct way for those who are planning a move. We will only help you with tips and a list of qualified movers. However, you should consider what your needs are. Based on this, you can choose the moving company that suits you in all these parameters.

What do we know about Corporate Relocation Companies?

Imagine the following situation: your company is about to expand and move to a larger office. In this case, a problem arises – how to organize the moving process? There are two possible options here:

  1. Organize your employees. This is a way to move on your own. If the workers are willing to do this kind of work, they can collectively plan and share responsibilities. The advantage of this method is in its budget. However, there is a big drawback. Usually, people who are not specialized in moving can not plan everything and not miss a single detail. As a rule, during disassembly of furniture, packing of things, transportation, unexpected situations may arise that will cause confusion. There is also the possibility of forgetting something. Therefore, there is a second option.
  2. Hire a certified moving company. The hardest part of this process is choosing a moving company that you can really trust. There are many websites where you can check the license, certificates, and other important documents (for example, BBB). When you hire highly qualified movers, all you have to do is trust the professionals who are able to solve every problem that arises. The downside is that moving company services can be expensive. Plus – the safety of nerves, furniture, and belongings.

TOP Corporate Relocation Companies

As we promised, below you can find a list of the best relocation companies that are considered the most reliable and qualified:

  1. Atlas Van Lines. The main goal of this moving company is to relieve the stress of your employees and organize the moving process in such a way that the client is satisfied. Atlas Van Lines specializes in both local and worldwide transportation. The company also organizes two-day professional conferences on the topic of corporate relocation.
  2. Colonial Van Lines. The fifty years of experience in the field of moving and storage allow the company to clearly determine which moments should be carefully planned. Also, by hiring Colonial Van Lines, you will help your employees keep calm and good spirits.
  3. Bold Moving And Storage. This company will not only organize corporate relocation but will also help organize a workplace, provide cleaning and unpacking services in a new place.
  4. American Van Lines. The company is focused on customer satisfaction. The team of professionals pays special attention not only to furniture, things, electronics but also helps your employees cope with the process of moving, as it is always a lot of stress. Moreover, the company always keeps in touch with employees, clarifying all important issues, helping them get a positive experience from the move.
  5. This global mobility company specializes in all services related to corporate relocation. Moreover, Aries has a variety of online tools to facilitate the move process. The company plans your move while you are planning the further development of your business and employees.
  6.  Ace Moving Co. This company focused on customer satisfaction so as the main purpose of this company is to ease the stress by providing the error-free moving service. This San Mateo moving company helps your business to relocate to new location


Moving takes a lot of effort and planning. If we are talking about a corporate move, then in this case the efforts are doubled. Therefore, we advise you to hire a trusted company to help you organize and complete your move without unnecessary problems.

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