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Don’t Want A Flooded Basement? Here Are 7 Signs Your Sump Pump Is About To Fail


Typically found in residential basements, sump pumps are designed to take water out of water-collecting basins. When these pumps get damaged, one thing is inevitable: Having a flooded basement. To know if you already need to tap a water restoration company, Elkhart, Indiana, here are seven tell-tale signs that you need to replace sump pump graham wa.

You start to hear unusual noises. In a normal situation, a sump pump in its tip-top shape runs silently. If you start hearing an especially loud noise whenever your unit is turned on, then you should suspect that there’s something wrong with it. Be observant of sounds similar to gurgling, rattling, and grinding.

Your sump pump tends to vibrate too much. Concerning making noises, a failing pump is also more likely to vibrate excessively whenever it’s running. According to experts who work in a water restoration company, Elkhart, Indiana, this can be attributed to the presence of hard debris within your unit, causing impellers to be damaged.

You notice visible rust. Discoloration and the presence of rust can be caused by bacteria or corroded parts. Either way, this issue can cause your sump pump to fail. Moreover, it can also be considered a health hazard that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

You use your sump pump too frequently or too seldomly. If you use your pump too little, it can significantly decrease its shelf life. This is why it’s important to have your pump tested now and then. The same is also the case if you’re using your pump too frequently. Too much running can cause your unit to get overworked and for its components to undergo wear-and-tear prematurely.

Your sump pump is clogged. From dirt and debris to unclean mechanical parts to tangled switches, there are different ways wherein a sump pump can get clogged. To prevent this issue, you can invest in a protective lid to prevent stuff from making its way into your pump.

Your sump pump has lost power. Though power loss can sometimes only be caused by being unplugged, it can also be attributed to a blown fuse on the circuit. Or when your battery backup has been already drained. If your sump pump has no power, it won’t be able to get rid of water off your sump basin. Your sump pump can also fail if it experiences too frequent power outages.

Your sump pump is simply too old. Sump pumps commonly last around seven to ten years. If your unit goes beyond that age, it’s doomed to show signs of failure now and then. To make things more cost-effective, it would be wiser to simply replace your pump with a new one.

According to research, 98% of basements across the US are expected to suffer from a certain degree of water damage throughout their lifetime. If you want to avoid having a flooded basement, experts recommend having your sump pumps professionally serviced twice every year. And once your sump pump starts to fail, get immediate help from a reputable water restoration company, Elkhart, Indiana.

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