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Swimming Pool Maintenance For Smart Pool Owners


If are thinking about building a swimming pool in your compound, you might have the impression that maintaining the pool will be a difficult and challenging task. Now, this is not always the case. Any pool owner will tell you that swimming pool maintenance west lake hills tx is relatively easy. There are many things to you can do on your own to maintain your pool without calling the experts.

Check and Maintain the Water Level

Now, this one is quite easy and you can do it yourself without much stress. As you use your pool, you are likely to lose water because of evaporation. In addition, normal wear and tear will make you lose water. In this context, we are talking about splashing, swimming, getting out of the pool and diving into the pool. Always ensure that your water does not go below the level of the skimmer. This could damage the pump and this is something you don’t need. If the water level is low, just use the hose to bring it up to the right level again.

Skim Debris and clean Your Pool Manually

This is an excellent way to keep your pool clean and healthy. Just skim the pool’s surface by hand every few days and you will improve circulation and even reduce chlorine usage. Get rid of bugs, leaves and other unwanted materials in the pool each time you do this and watch your pool sparkle and shine.

Winterize Your Pool

If you live in an area where the winter might affect your pool, you should take steps to ensure the winter does not damage your pool in any way. If you leave residual water in pipes, the water might freeze and this could damage your pipes. To ensure this does not happen, you should use an air compressor to blow out all the water in the pool’s plumbing system. You also drain out water from the heater and filter or simply use antifreeze to protect these two items. Note that you need a different form of antifreeze here because the one used for motor vehicles will not do the job.

Vacuum Your Pool

One smart way to carry out pool maintenance is to vacuum the pool and brush the walls and tiles at the same time. This keeps your pool clean and reduces the amount of chemicals you need to add to the pool. Each time you do this, you should check the filter and clean it if it requires cleaning. Regular pool cleaning is a great maintenance for your pool because it makes your pool last longer. Just make sure you use the right vacuum and the right materials for cleaning walls and the tiles.

Service the Heater

Your pool heater does an important job so it pays to keep it in good working order always. For the heater, you do not have to service it yourself unless you have the technical knowhow to do this. The best move is to call in a professional to service your heater. This way, the heater continues to work perfectly for you.

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