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Is There An Effective Yard Repellent For Mosquitos


Mosquitoes prevent homeowners from enjoying their own backyard. Once these blood-sucking insects come out at night, people head back inside where they don’t have to deal with bites. After all, mosquitoes are known for spreading various diseases. The bites also hurt and leave unsightly red marks. If you want to take back your yard from these pests, then you need to repel them or eliminate them completely. For those asking, “is there an effective yard repellent for mosquitos?” Yes, there are plenty and we’ll discuss some of those below.

Yard Sprays

If you want a quick solution, then look for yard sprays online or in your local home improvement stores. Gardening shops may also have them so make inquiries while you’re there. These products come in large bottles. You will often be asked to dilute a portion in water and spray around the yard. The effects can last for weeks, after which you will need to spray again. Different formulations are available from potent chemical mixtures to all-natural solutions. Study the pros and cons of each.

Mosquito Lanterns

Another strategy is to hang special mosquito lanterns around the yard. This is a good option for those who have patios or similar outdoor spaces. These have a limited range of protection (around 15 feet) so more than one may be necessary to cover large areas. These are heat activated but they don’t emit any smoke, sound, or flames. They don’t have any cords so it is a neat and tidy solution. Just install the batteries and turn them on. If you are not keen on chemical-based sprays, then you should check this out.

Skin Products

Other people may not want to do anything that could potentially affect their surroundings. Perhaps they prefer a more localized form of repellent such as skin products. For example, there are lotions that can prevent mosquitoes from biting you if you apply a liberal amount on your skin. The good thing about this is that you are always protected no matter where you are on the yard. You can wear long clothes and limit the application to the extremities.

Bits and Dunks

Consider eliminating stagnant water as mosquitoes often thrive in these environments. Remove pet bowls outdoors after use and clean up any unused water containers. If there are spots that must remain such as a small pond, then you can try using products such as bits and dunks. These dissolve in water and prevent mosquitoes from maturing into adulthood. Without adults, they will not be able to reproduce. They will eventually die out over time.

Mosquito Netting

You may also consider the tried and tested mosquito netting. The weaves are small enough to prevent the entry of most insects while allowing air to freely flow through. If you like staying in a roofed outdoor area, then this is a great option to consider. It may be simple but it is effective. Be sure to provide a sturdy frame so the net does not sag. Clean this from time to time to maintain good airflow.

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