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Reduce The Chances Of Contamination And Spreading Of Virus By Installing Sanitized Mats


People are tired after the first and second waves of the COVID19 pandemic. Now the threat of the third wave is hitting countries like Africa, UK, and Israel. People are already upset with the rapid spread of the virus. Henceforth, this time of the year people are abiding by the rules of sanitization to permanently end the life of the virus.

Public spaces are being sanitized regularly. The government ensures that commercial buildings, public spaces are following the COVID19 safety protocols. Apartments are not in danger like public spaces where people from all around the corner come in contact with each other without following social distancing. However, the association has to follow certain protocols to ensure that the residents are safe inside the premises and can breathe germ-free air.

Most residents are following their safety guidelines to stay on the safe side. Many of them have placed sanitizer machines at the entrance of the apartment, while some have placed sanitized mats at the main entry of society as well as their main entryway. This way they are trying to keep the third wave away from their 2 bedroom apartments plainfield in.

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After the hygiene protocol is followed in apartments, residents feel that it is wise to install sanitized mats at the entrance gate.

Reasons to Install Sanitized Mats

  • According to research made by the CDC in March 2020, the main reason for transmission of the virus is through germs on floors in enclosed areas like hospitals. Gravity and airflow move the virus to the ground which is picked by the feet or shoes and transmitted to new areas.
  • Most buildings are sanitizing their elevator buttons, door handles, handrails, etc. but have forgotten the main element which is the floor. Using a sanitized mat can prevent viruses from entering the building at the starting point.
  • Sanitized mats are an inexpensive way of avoiding germs and viruses from entering any premises. You just need a few bottles of disinfectant solution that will be poured regularly on the mats and whosoever enters the building will just have to step on the mat for the solution to allow killing the virus completely from shoes.
  • This act is appreciated by others and neighbors and by looking at the regimen followed by your apartment, other residential areas follow the same protocol. This is an effective way of encouraging others to follow in similar footsteps.

You may feel that sanitized mats are just for show. Once life is back to normal people will forget all about it. However, one thing is for sure, life will never be back as usual. Even if there is no COVID19 virus, there are other germs like flu, allergens that can affect the residents. Thus, think smartly and install sanitized mats today.

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