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Is It Possible That Air Conditioning Can Make You Sick?


After being in AC for long, you can have stuffed nose and cold. Many people believe that air conditioners can make them sick. This is not entirely true. AC doesn’t make anyone sick, but the environment in which it is used. There is nothing to worry about when you are sick like that. The cold air from AC doesn’t make you sick.

When AC is run in polluted environment, it can make people fall sick. LK Brothers Aircon provides the best AC cleaning and repairing services. Further, they take pride in giving the best services to their clients. They provide 100% guarantee work and build strong relationship with the customers.

Trust and integrity are with what the company moves ahead with all its clients.

Symptoms of Air conditioning sickness


·       Getting dry and itchy skin

The AC cools the room down by reducing the humidity in the room. This can cause flaky and dry skin. Running AC for longer hours can reduce humidity too much. You can use a humidifier to keep the humidity level in control. Also, moisturize your skin properly to keep it hydrated.

·       Having dry eyes

The indoor humid levels are completely lowered in AC rooms. This can cause evaporation of water from the eyes causing dry eyes. Likewise, People with dry eye problems shouldn’t sit near the AC for too long.

·       Getting a cold

When you sit below the AC for a long time, you can catch a cold instantly. It can cause other symptoms like coughing, sneezing, etc. When you get such conditions, the AC requires maintenance instantly. You should contact a professional at that point.

·       Getting breathing problems

Many people suffer from respiratory problems when they sit in an air-conditioned room for way too long. This happens when the filters need to be changed or cleaned. Besides, the air filters can trap bacteria, dirt, dust, and all kinds of pollution.

When the AC is on, the filters release the particles in the air. As a result, you breathe in polluted air causing problems. It’s best to clean the air filters after just about 250 hours of using them.

·       Getting dizzy and headache

Many people feel dizzy when they are using the AC continuously. It leads to neurological problems like headaches. It’s best to turn up the AC so that the room is not freezing. You can take frequent breaks and take fresh air from time to time. When the temperature becomes normal, go back to AC again.

·       Increasing blood pressure

The small arteries are chocked with AC heat leading to high blood pressure. People suffer from hypertension when in AC for a long time.


Air conditioning is not at all bad for your health. But if it is not cleaned properly, then it can become a problem. Keep the AC maintained and you will have no problems. Regularly service your HVAC units to keep yourself safe from all the problems. Maintain an ideal temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold.

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