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Precision Direct Expansion of Kaltra Microchannel Condensers


A division of Kaltra innovation, which is engaged in research and development of new technologies and products used in all product divisions of the group of companies. This concentration of resources allows Kaltra to guarantee the highest levels of unit performance and extremely low noise levels. The presence of a laboratory and extensive testing experience allows most of the products to be included in the good quality production list.

The Kaltra technical department has carried out a complete redesign of the line, which significantly improves performance over the previous one. Klatra range includes Direct Expansion Precision Air Conditioners, Precision Water Cooled Heat Exchanger Air Conditioners, Precision Air Conditioners with two refrigerant circuits, water and freon, Inter-Row Air Conditioners (InRow) with conventional and inverter compressors improved controller to interface with touch screen, group control, and remote system monitoring, as well as microchannel condensers. Designed to maintain optimal air parameters in process rooms, server rooms, data centers, and in all areas where high accuracy of climate control is required.

Kaltra microchannel condensers can optionally include a humidifier, dehumidifier, and electric heater to provide precise temperature and humidity control. Specially designed to provide high reliability in technology environments such as data centers, server rooms, and wherever there is a highly sensitive load. Precision microchannel condensers are equipped with EC fans with bottom, top or front air supply (with plenum – option). All units are tested in certified laboratories Kaltra.

Kaltra microchannel condensers are monoblock units with the following components as standard:

  • Hermetic SCROLL compressors.
  • Brazed plate heat exchanger refrigerant-water, condenser, or evaporator.
  • Refrigerant-air heat exchanger with axial fan.
  • Aluminum microchannel coil on liquid coolers.
  • Cabinet with electrical equipment.
  • Power supply from the 400 V +/- 10% network; 3 phases + ground; 50 Hz.
  • 24 V remote control transformer (standard).
  • Connect Touch Controller.
  • Outdoor enclosure.

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