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3 Mistakes You Want To Avoid When Decorating A Kid’s Bedroom


We always talk about children’s decor tips in our blog. But today the subject goes further: the main mistakes we make in decorating a children’s room and what to do to avoid them. Thus, it is possible to combine business with pleasure and create a perfect environment for your child to develop on a daily basis, with tranquility, comfort, and protection. In fact, many moms and dads focus so much on what’s pretty and decorative that they end up putting usability aside, and comfort and safety take a back seat.

Therefore, we need to pay close attention when decorating our little one’s room, after all, everything must move towards promoting the best physical and psychological development.

However, even with so much good idea and whimsy, it is normal to make some mistakes that, however basic they are, can put the child’s well-being at risk. This ranges from the position of furniture to the chosen lighting.

Common Mistakes in Children’s Room Decor: How to Avoid

To make a beautiful and functional decoration check childrens wallpaper, and it is necessary to avoid some actions. See what they are:

  1. Don’t choose children’s furniture

A very serious mistake that many parents make is not choosing specific furniture for children. Children’s furniture is made with the purpose of providing the best conditions for the little one to be able to move around safely and have the autonomy to explore the room freely, without the need for an adult to assist in any decision that he or she is going to take.

For minors, the most suitable option is to bet on Montessori furniture, which is made precisely with the purpose of developing autonomy from an early age, implying stimulating development.

The children’s mini bed, for example, is the ideal size to provide comfort and safety for small children, especially for those just coming out of their cribs. Pay attention to the ideal furniture for your child’s stage, this ensures independence for the child to get in and out of bed without the risk of getting hurt.

  1. Allocate items at a height inaccessible to the child

Still, on adequacy, it is common to have decorative items in high places, inaccessible to children. This doesn’t make sense in the decoration, as everything aimed at the children’s room needs to be adapted for them. To solve this problem, remember to place the niches and shelves at a height that the little one can reach and interact with the objects. In this way, you will ensure safety and contribute to the development of your child’s autonomy.


  1. Not considering the child’s tastes

One of the main mistakes of parents is to decorate the room disregarding the child’s tastes. At this point, you need to remember that it’s not your room, it’s your child’s. Thus, it is necessary to take into account aspects that speak to the children’s universe, with colors, designs, and elements that stimulate the little one’s imagination – and not choose objects that you would put in your room, use removable peel and stick wallpaper instead of paint.

So, Mom, did you make any of these mistakes? These are some valuable tips to put into practice when decorating a children’s room. We hope we have helped!

Wesley L. Layden

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