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Plumbing and Electrical Issues to Address Before Selling Your House


If you want to be able to sell your property at a high value, you don’t normally sell it as it is.  There are certain repairs that will definitely upgrade the value of your home and these are plumbing and electrical repairs.  Plumbers and electrician professionals are your best friends in giving a tremendous boost in your home improvement.


  1. LEAKS – Leaks are very common in our home due to corrosion or breakage of pipes and faucets.  Though leaks are very easy to detect, there are some hidden leaks in your home that you may not know of, especially on pipes that are hidden on your walls.  Have your plumber check all of your faucets and your entire pipeline to address even the tiniest sign of leaking.
  2. BLOCKED DRAINS – Clogged drains do not normally happen overnight, and in some cases, there are already build-ups starting to form that we may not notice.  Although you can DIY check your drains, try to get a professional plumber to do a run-through of all your toilets, bathtubs, drains, and disposals to ensure that everything is all clear before you put up your home for sale.
  3. EXTERIOR PLUMBING – Of course, you should never omit plumbing outside your house, like in your garden or even outside your property.  Remember that these carry your water inside your home, and drain your dirt out into the sewers.  When there are breakages or blockages in these areas, these will definitely affect the overall plumbing system inside your house and cause future problems.
  4. FAUCETS, PIPES, TOILETS – Lastly, these items should always be in the list.  You may have to replace them if they went through so much wear and tear, or if it already looks unpleasant.  Not only will it help make your home look clean and new, but it will also address underlying problems caused by old ones.


  1. FAULTY WIRING – Living in your home for quite some time you may no longer notice some faulty wiring inside or outside your home, as these become old and wear out.  It can lead to accidents, like electrocution or fire outbreaks when left unattended.  Have your electrician calgary check your entire house for any faulty wiring, or perhaps some exposed ones that need to be secured.  Safety first.
  2. LIGHT BULBS, ELECTRICAL FIXTURES, OR DEVICES – Light bulbs and other light fixtures have short lifespan, do change them and make sure everything lights up.  The basic ones are normally easy to replace and you can do it on your own.  Other electrical fixtures and devices though, such as switches, or outlets need proper attention.  Sometimes we are not aware that they need to be replaced too.  Example, when an outlet is overloaded, it leaves a black mark.  And we normally ignore these but aside from it being aesthetically unpleasant, it may also be unsafe to use.  So have your electrician go over all of your electrical devices and fixtures in the home to ensure that they are all in good shape.
  3. SMOKE DETECTORS – Your smoke detectors should be working in top condition.  Normally, these things are ignored but they are of utmost importance.  Try to check your smoke detectors if the batteries are still good or may need replacement, also if they are working properly.  You wouldn’t want your buyer to scorch to death simply because you sold them a house with broken smoke detectors.
  4. ELECTRICAL PANEL – This is the heart of your entire electrical system in the house, so make sure that it is updated and is working properly.  It can cause tremendous damage on your property if left unrepaired or unattended.

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