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5 Plumbing Fixtures to Inspect Regularly to Prevent Plumbing Problems


Many things you use daily will require regular maintenance, whether it’s a small appliance such as a microwave, or something bigger, such as a car. While it’s not a single object, your plumbing system will require maintenance, too, if you want to prevent any major emergencies. After all, when dealing with a  blocked drain Sydney issue, plumber Caldwell, ID would believe it’s a small problem compared to, say, a water heater that needs to be replaced.

That said, it’s important that you check certain fixtures regularly. That way, you can spot any problem areas and have them fixed before they become bigger plumbing problems. Here are the ones to keep an eye on the most.


Faucets in the bathroom and kitchen see a lot of use, and that’s why they’re at the top of the list. Check the ones in the tub, shower, and sinks for leaks; if there are any, the easiest fix is to check for bad washers and replace them as needed. You can go a step further and check for water damage in the walls or the floor. Leaks can develop in the supply lines leading to the faucets, so if you don’t check for damage, they’re likely to stay hidden and cause even more damage.


Tub and shower drains in the shower are particularly prone to becoming clogged thanks to hair and soap, but you should check the drains in the bathroom and kitchen sinks as well. If you find that water isn’t draining as fast as it used to, it may be time to disassemble the affected drain trap to remove whatever is clogging it up. Snaking out branch drains to remove clogs before they’re fully blocked is also a good idea.


A toilet has a number of parts that help it work properly, and some need to be replaced once they’re worn out. Check for water around the toilet’s base, and see that the toilet itself doesn’t rock when you sit on it. You’ll also want to take off the tank lid and see what happens when you flush. If the toilet keeps running at the end of the flush cycle, you’ll need to do some digging to find what needs to be replaced or else just reattached so your toilet doesn’t waste a lot of water.

Shutoff Valves

These valves control the water supply to the sink faucet, dishwasher, and refrigerator water lines, and they’re designed to completely cut the flow of water when closed. When inspecting them, you’ll want to close the valves tightly and see if they’re operating as intended. If not, it’s time to replace them.

Water Heater

You’ll want to be on the lookout for signs of water leaking around the inlet and exit pipes. Check the base of the water heater for leaks, too; that could be caused by a faulty temperature and pressure relief valve, or a drain valve that’s wearing out (or is already worn out).

Of course, there are other fixtures to keep an eye on. However, these are the ones you should never forget to check if you want to avoid really expensive repairs for plumbing houston tx in the future. Search from responsible and trusted plumbing medina oh contractors to seek help.

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