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Benefits Of Using Organic Pest Agents In The Agricultural Fields.


Keeping everything organic is very crucial for organic farmers to maintain the quality of their crops. Hence, organic pesticides are farmer’s best friends and go hand in hand in getting rid of the pests plus maintain the agricultural outputs by not disturbing the fertility of the soil. There is a reason why everyone preaches about organic farms and it’s agricultural produce. In this article, we go about discussing a pesticides for organic gardens.

  • More products, less land: Organic pesticides have increased crop fertility by a considerable percentage. Additionally, organic pesticides also increase the advantages of other agricultural tools like high yielding seeds, fertilisers and other resources. Hence, pesticides are a good addition in your farming procedures.
  • Fruitful harvests: Pesticides ensure superabundant harvests.
  • Organic pesticides over chemical pesticides: Researches have shown that crops grow better on lands where organic pesticides are used for obvious reasons.Even a lot of commercial farmers have turned to using organic pesticides for the wonderful results it gives in the long run.
  • Maintaining the quality of agricultural products:  Since it is organic, it does not have harmful chemicals. Thus, it does not harm the crops and affect the quality of the agricultural products being produced. In India, neem is commonly used as a pesticide. There is another alternative that is a spray ‘Zhol Mol’, a natural pesticide in liquid state. It’s key ingredients are neem leaves, timur, livestock urine, timur making it completely organic, very healthy for crop growth and for increasing the soil fertility over time.
  • Maintaining the quality of the soil: Increase in the fertility of the soil is a boon for the farmer. Especially for organic farmers who choose to stay away from chemical fertilisers. Since, the natural pesticides are absolutely free of chemicals, you can be certain the fertility of the soil will not only be maintained but also will increase in the long run.
  • Organic crops are the winner: These days the majority of the population are turning towards organic food to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle keeping in mind all the kinds of harmful chemicals that are being used in cultivating commercial crops. Hence, the demand of organic food is increasing plus they are easily sold at higher rates as compared to commercial crops. In order to maintain the quality of the organic crops, farmers use organic pesticides as it is something that cannot be ignored.

Organic pesticides are a magical tool in not only organic farming but also commercial farming. They have so many benefits. The most prominent being producing a bountiful harvest.

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