Log Cabin Interior Design – Stunning Ideas to Inspire You 


If you’re lucky enough to call yourself the proud owner of a log cabin, you can rest assured that there’s a plethora of options and possibilities in front of you. 

Not only do you have the freedom to organize your time in and around the cabin, but you can also commit to full customization and tailoring of your cabin’s interior. More often than not, we’re unable to go all out with our creativity and ideas in regular brick and mortar homes, which doesn’t have to be the case at all when you have a whole log cabin at your disposal. 

The following interior design ideas may as well inspire something completely new that will make you the happiest.

Choose a Theme That You Thoroughly Enjoy

When you imagine entering your log cabin, what image pops into your mind? Do you immediately go to the Scandinavian-style cosy setting or maybe have something more modern in mind? Or do you play with the thought of having everything designed in a more vintage fashion? You might prefer the shabby chic look or like to amuse yourself by combining different styles in your mind. 

Listen to this inner voice and imagery that feels the most natural to you; it’s what will make the whole process infinitely more fun, constructive, and inspirational.

Don’t Fear the Gold – Embrace It

Regardless of the theme you decide on for your interior cabin design one thing’s for sure – you honestly can’t go wrong with gold details. Even if you lean more towards a modern style, consider how gold details will perfectly warm up the space. When it comes to cabin interiors, you should always strive to avoid an overly cold appearance in order to achieve a perfectly cosy look. 

Gold details match rather well with all kinds of wood, which will definitely bring the whole interior to life. It will also elevate the stylish atmosphere of the place. In case you really dislike gold but still want the warmth, you can opt for rose gold details or maybe even go the bronze/brass route if you fancy the vintage vibe more.

Walls Can Tell Their Own Story

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the traditional log look for your interior walls if that matches your aesthetic. But, if you feel compelled to seek other solutions, you most definitely have the freedom to have regular walls done on the inside of your log cabin. And regular walls make for an ideal creative canvas

From all sorts of paint shades to murals, unique wallpapers, and mixing different prints, you can make your log cabin walls be as much of a personality trait as your favourite sofa, rug, or decorative bowl. Many people fail to utilize the options that log cabin walls provide them with simply by thinking that there’s nothing to do; but even the bare logs can be decorated and repainted if you so desire.

Seek Inspiration from Other Cultures

We all have a keen eye for the elements belonging to cultures other than our own, and there’s nothing wrong with nurturing this appreciation. True, you might not be able to go all out in a traditional home, but in a log cabin, you can create an environment that feels the most beautiful and inspirational to you. 

You can look into log cabins in Ireland and get yourself a perfectly customized log home that stands the test of time against Irish weather, but, on the inside, your log cabin can feature elements from the East, from India to Japan, celebrate the Native Indian traditions, embrace the ancient Egyptian decorative trends, and so on and so forth.

Freely Use Plants as Interior Décor

One of the biggest benefits of having a log cabin is being able to surround yourself with nature and experience the mindfulness of greenery and fresh air. But, plants are not only meant to warm your heart outdoors; you can bring the greenery inside as well. We’re not just talking about a couple of plant pots here and there. Plants can be a decorative element on their own

You can easily have an entire green wall inside your log cabin, use vines as garlands all year round, have all sorts of potted plants hanging off your walls as a green gallery wall, and so on. The presence of plants isn’t only pleasant on the eye but it also acts as an energy booster on a daily basis.

There’s no need to rush with decorating your log cabin. The more effort and contemplation you put into each piece you wish to add to this interior, the more meaning and beauty it will hold for you in the end. 


Wesley L. Layden

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