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Are You Interested to Install Over the Toilet Storage in Your Bathroom? A Few Fabulous Ideas


You will find vacant space above the toilet in the bathrooms of most of the homes. This vacant space can be utilized for various toilet storage cabinets. 

You can utilize this toilet storage space for storing fresh towels, toiletries, and also a few other bathroom items that may be necessary to you within your easy reach. You may not find a more appropriate place for storage space somewhere else in your bathroom. In this way, by using suitable over-the-toilet storage you can create more space.

You can keep your bathroom perfectly clean and organized by using an affordable over the toilet cabinet that is available in the market too. You may also read plenty of reviews about such over-the-toilet storage on the website of 10BestRanked, which is a good source of information for such products.

Let us see a few such over-the-toilet storage arrangements that can be suitable for your home.

  • Hanging shelves 

This kind of hanging shelf can serve the purpose to keep your bathroom fully organized and neat. Its black-iron links together with white shelves can add a charm to your rustic bathroom interiors.

  • Solid cabinet storage

For keeping those homely necessities, like toilet papers or feminine products quite close at your hand, but remain out of sight, you may have a nicely made cabinet and fit above your toilet tank. 

  • Under-the-sink organizers

Another one is to keep under-the-sink cabinets neat and organized with such organizers. You may use see-through material so that it can be easily identified what is inside. Also, with ergonomic designs, you can easily access it. 

  • Socket drawer

You can do away with your entire messy wires, cluttered personal hygiene tools in your bathroom. This kind of bathroom drawer will help you to keep your entire personal beauty tools in a single place in a safe and organized way.

  • Tub storage

Adding a few secret storage pockets on the sides of your tub is handy to keep miscellaneous items of the bathing area out-of-sight, but well within your reach. For small homes or bathrooms, it is a great storage idea.

  • Recycled crates

Another cheap and charming alternate is to keep your bathroom fully neat and organized. You can also DIY this recycled shelving. You may use a few used crates and paint them white or any other color paint that you prefer, and create this project.

  • Door organizers

You can also take advantage of ample vertical space available at a few accessible locations that are behind your bathroom door. Your easy-to-install basket organizer is designed for taking in smaller items that can otherwise clutter your bathroom.

  • Floating baskets

It can always be fun, charming, and also eye-catching to have that perky walls with a few pretty wall baskets. You can use these small pockets for accommodating small and light items that could litter your bathroom easily.

  • Minimalist cabinets

With this sleek and modern, and top-notch cabinetry you can represent the beauty of elegant designs. 

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