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Know your switchboards

An RCD circuit breaker board with many switches. Man's hand is about switch OFF.

Switch boards are very easy to find anywhere. You can go to offices, homes, restaurants, shops or any other buildings, and they are just there! We cannot really imagine our lives without switch boards and their uses. Thus, switchboards are the basic components that come to our minds when we think of beautifying our lives with electricity.

Let’s learn more about switchboards and their various kinds.

What are switchboards?

Switchboards are the basic components of an electrical distribution system used in every office and home. They are also known as switch boxes that help to distribute the main feed of power into several branch circuits. Switchboards are compact boxes that consist of switches and circuit breakers. The circuit breaker is a fuse that ensures the safety of the circuit against fire hazards. Switchboards are very easy to install which makes them very popular.

Different types of switchboards:

There are six different types of switchboards available in the market. They are:

  • Pow-R-Line C general purpose switchboards:

This kind of switchboard mainly consists of circuit breakers like MCCBs and fusible main switches. They come in compact cases installed with surge protection devices. The continuous current rating is as high as 6000A. General purpose switchboards also provide basic protection against ground fault. They also incorporate provisions for utilitymetering. This kind of switchboard is used in monitoring and communication devices.

  • Fusible switchboards:

The case of fusible switchboards has doors with padlocked handles. You can easily switch between the on and off state to ensure increased safety of switchboards. Its current rating ranges from 30A to 1200A. Fusible switchboards are most suited for series combinations. They are mostly suited for industrial and commercial applications.

  • Draw-out moulded case switchboard:

They are efficient in providing surge protection and integrated metering. Draw-out moulded case switchboards are quite low maintenance that take up little space to install. They are used in healthcare facilities, data centres, and other industrial and commercial sectors. The continuous current rating ranges from 25A to 1200A.

  • Integrated facility system(IFS):

This is a simple and composite package of circuit breakers, chassis along with transformers. They bring all electrical distribution components under a single roof. IFS represents single equipment of connected products that saves space as well as time. They reduce the consumption of space by 50%. Their continuous current rating is 4000A.

  • Pow-R-Line XD switchboard:

These are very compact in design with a drawn-out covering that enhances safety. The outer case of the XD switchboard is insulated which incorporates several proficient circuit-breakers. Their design is adapted to offer endless configurations. The current continuous rating is between 2000A to 6000A.

  • Generator quick connect switchboard:

During a power outage, you can safely get your back facility in no time with this switchboard. This saves us the trouble of opening electrical panels and exposing ourselves to any fire hazard. The continuous current rating is as high as 4000A. They are essential for almost every building.

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