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Is it possible to insulate a house from inside?


Poor insulation at home can lead to situations that make our stay there not as pleasant as it should be. To solve this, some reforms need to be carried out.

Do many people still wonder whether it is possible to insulate a house from the inside? Yes, it is certainly possible. There are two systems for undertaking thermal insulation work on the inside:

– A thermal insulation cladding.

– Build a double brick sheet with an air chamber.

In the case of having to prioritize facades, those located to the north will be the first to intervene, followed by the northwest and northeast, in this order.

Although interior insulation does not completely resolve thermal bridges, this intervention is better than none. For this reason, accompanying the architectural treatment with correct ventilation of the rooms is the most appropriate to eradicate the origin of interstitial condensation. Not only palliating with air conditioning is all that can be aspired to.

Inner insulation:

Is it possible to eliminate the problem of theinsulation services of dwellings from within them? Yes, although the thermal bridges will not be completely mitigated.

Although thermal comfort will be very similar, there will still be that kind of “cold radiator” in the joints between floors and walls and in the contours of openings, which can be annoying when we are a short distance from the enclosure that leads to the outside.

To improve insulation, support air conditioning is recommended, as well as accompanying the intervention with a change of windows with double glazing, shutter boxes with thermal insulation, and even double windows for acoustic insulation.

Exterior insulation and façade renovation:

When we find ourselves with a thermally inefficient façade, the ideal is to rehabilitate it in an integral way. To eliminate all the thermal bridges produced by interstitial condensation, it is necessary to resort to coverings on the exterior face of all the facades, canceling the constructive differences between concrete floors and brick walls that many buildings present and that are a real disaster in terms of energy efficiency.

The SATE system (Exterior insulation finishing system) is currently the most effective tool to alleviate the deficiencies of simple sheet facades, especially 15 centimeters thick.

However, in most cases – and unfortunately – it is not possible to undertake this comprehensive reform to insulate a built home, since its cost is not affordable by the community of owners and the aid from official bodies is not sufficient or directly they do not exist.

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