Best Cities in Illinois for First-Time Homebuyers


In order to find your own ideal place to live, you need to get familiar with the options you have first! So, let’s go over the best cities in Illinois for first-time homebuyers.


Interesting enough, Bloomington is probably the number one location on our list of the best cities in Illinois for first-time homebuyers. This lovely little place to live was actually discovered some time back, when a survey on the best place to live revealed some ludicrously cheap housing costs for what is a high quality town with amazing amenities and easy access to Chicago. Even if you do work in Chicago, it is perfectly possible for you to commute to work every day and still be living comfortably if you pick Bloomington as the place to settle. In addition to being cheap, having a decent job market itself, and having easy access to Chicago’s educational opportunities, Bloomington is also an extremely safe place to live where you won’t have to worry about home invasions and similar unpleasantness.


The next place on our list of the best cities in Illinois for first-time homebuyers is Evanston. Evanston is a bit more expensive than our previous suggestion, but still a great place to settle regardless. It is a beautiful city, surrounded by some equally beautiful nature, and even has a ton of quality services and amenities! If you are looking for movers, cleaners, or any sort of other assistance with your move, Evanston-based experts at your disposal.


For anyone who is a nature lover and looking for a cheap, convenient city to live in, Rockford’s the answer. The city is extremely close to the Rock Cut State Park. And it houses the stunning Anderson Japanese Gardens, to name just two of the many beautiful locations you can visit. It also helps that Rockford properly experiences all the season. So, you’ll even be able to enjoy plenty of snow here! The city is not lacking in other departments, and has plenty of interesting locations for culture lovers, too. Of course, what ranks it rather high on our list of best cities in Illinois for first-time homebuyers is also the fact that it’s a pretty cheap place to live and find a home in!


People won’t be surprised to find the capital of Illinois among the best cities in Illinois for first-time homebuyers. But they’ll be surprised that this is also one of the cheapest cities in the state to buy a home! For what is essentially an extremely good city to live in due to the amenities and services offered, you can purchase a home here way more affordable than in equivalent cities. And, as the experts from Golans Moving and Storage point out, this means you’ll have a lot more money left to make your move as comfortable as possible!


It’s kind of old news that Chicago is a great place to live. Sure, it’s on the expensive side when compared to some of the extremely cheap locations we’ve already listed. However, Chicago does have a very high standard of living, which more than offsets this flaw! Slightly higher bills are more than made up for by a higher salary, after all. Besides, choosing to live in one of the largest cities in the US comes with a wealth of opportunities. Not to mention the wide array of amenities, services and entertainment you’ll have available. You won’t have trouble finding someone to help you with your floor installation or other home projects, that’s for sure. And to top it all off, Chicago is rather well known for the quality of food you can get here, making it a perfect choice for foodies.


Urbana is an ideal city for those looking to settle in a place where their family will have lots of educational and even entertainment opportunities. The accessibility of the University of Illinois means you don’t have to worry about your kids getting an education. All the way to the top, at that! And the city is still extremely affordable. In spite of the number of people who move here or rent a place looking for an education themselves.


If you are looking for a place to settle with your family, you can absolutely do much worse than Decatur! The many parks, schools, zoo and waterfront activities thanks to the Sangamon River will keep your kiddos happy, educated and entertained. The city is also very safe, and therefore provides a nice environment to raise your kids without much worry. Of course, it is a rather rainy place. But that’s a bonus for a lot of people who dislike having too much heat in their lives!


The final entry on our list of the best cities in Illinois for first-time homebuyers is Moline. Moline is another one of those cities that pander to both culture and nature lovers. The city has a wealth of theaters, museums, parks and walking trails for you to enjoy. The city does have cheap housing too, and spends most of the year under sunshine. For a young professional looking for a city where they can both easily find work and relax, Moline is a great option!

Picking your own best city in Illinois to settle down and build a future

One thing to remember, even with our list of the best cities in Illinois for first-time homebuyers, is that you don’t necessarily need to stick to them! Overall, Illinois is an extremely nice state for homebuyers trying to get their first home. This is because there’s a wealth of affordable and easily acquired home loans for first-time buyers. And there’s even a ton of assistance programs for first-time buyers, too! In other words, whether you select a cheaper or more expensive city, or even a city completely off our list, you’ll probably be able to fund your purchase and reach your happy ending. Naturally, our advice still has merit, since these cities provide you with a lot more opportunities than just an affordable home purchase. But, ultimately, the decision is all up to you, so pick a place you’d love to live in!

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