A Beginner’s For Space Rental


Just like owning a car, buying a property of your own is also expensive. An average employee receiving a minimum monthly wage cannot afford to get commercial property in Singapore right away. They have to save for years before they can do so.

The good news is that space rental is now available. Anyone can rent a place of their choice. If this will be your first time getting a space for rental, whether for personal or business purposes, there are some rules you need to follow. Read them below.

The Dos

  • Always Pay Your Rent On Time

A day late with your space rental fee can cause you a penalty. If you succeed in the extended days when you can pay your rent, your landlord will come to you and discuss why you are paying late.

  • Read The Leasing Agreement, Including The Fine Print

Like other contracts, you have the right to be meticulous about everything written in the leasing agreement. Consider reading the fine print to avoid missing anything that can put you in a difficult situation later.

  • Ask If You Can Redecorate The Place

Even though you are getting a space for rental, that does not mean you own the place. You have to seek permission from the commercial property owner before you can start redecorating and renovating your rented space.

The Don’ts

  • Allow Your Landlord Without Notice

While it is true that landlords own your space for rental in Singapore, they cannot come in whenever they want. The only time they can is when they let you know or give you a notice ahead of time.

  • Let Your Green Thumb Go Wild

Instead of helping everyone calm down with the help of plants, they can disturb everyone if you plant too much of every kind that makes your property look like a forest.

Now that you know what to do, you are ready to get a space for rental in Singapore. Go to LHN Group – Space Resource. They can help you find a suitable place for your needs.

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