5 Tips on How to Clean Holiday Cottages


Vacation cottages are a fantastic way for folks to get away from the busy city and get some peace. Because they are cozy, cottages are very sought-after to rent for holidays and the winter season in general.

For both visitors and hosts, cleanliness is one of the most important components of short-term rentals. If you rent a cottage, you need to consider this. Maintaining your vacation rental to the greatest standards of cleanliness is essential to winning over your visitors and making sure they have a wonderful overall experience. So how do you maintain vacation homes?

Leave the kitchen spotless

Cottages are a great place to be cozy and enjoy a cup of tea or a punch. Knowing this, you can assume that your guests are likely to use the kitchen. Don’t overlook anything and clean the kitchen to improve the guest experience:

l  Keep the oven, microwave, and refrigerator clean.

l  Polish cooking utensils including the coffee maker, the toaster, and the kettle

l  Clean all the utensils and dishes.

l  Pots and pans should match their lids.

l  Offer fresh tea towels

l  Remove any food.

l  Remove the trash cans

Make sure you don´t forget the dining room and clean the dining room table and chairs, cotton napkins, and centerpieces, clean under the table and chairs and vacuum the floor.

Make the bathroom shine

It is possible to make a bathroom shine in several ways. While it is crucial to give the bathroom a thorough cleaning before any guest uses it, there are a few additional tasks that should be performed as part of a deep clean to maintain it spotless.

l  Clean all the chrome, including the towel rails, taps, and toilet paper holders.

l  Limescale and stains on shower curtains should be cleaned. Replace them if you are unable to remove the stains.

l  Clean up the grout. Baking soda and a toothbrush work well for this.

l  Clean the shower head of the scale.

The bathroom is one of those places where your guests can feel truly spoiled, so make their stay cozy and unforgettable by taking care of it.

Make bedrooms cozy and clean

A good night of sleep is the best part of taking a rest on vacation. Make sure your guests enjoy their bedroom to the fullest, by following these cleaning tips:

l  Mattress and pillow protectors should be washed often to keep them clean and fresh.

l  Vacuum mattresses, high places like the tops of wardrobes and lamp shades, and low places such as the regions under beds and dressing tables that collect dust.

l  When pillows and duvets lose their bounce or become stained, wash them and replace them.

l  Clean cushions, throws, bedsheets, and blankets.

l  Check your linens and towels, and throw away anything that appears shabby or worn. It is impossible to exaggerate the value of clean, crisp linen.

Hire some general cleaning professionals

You probably don’t work as a full-time cleaning expert. If you have a regular job and/or family, you might not have time to clean everything every once in a while. This is where Simply Spotless Cleaning helps you make your rental home perfect. Just think of all those tasks you can avoid and instead spend time with family and friends. For example:

l  Vacuum all lamp shades and light bulbs to remove dust and deterioration.

l  Inside and out, make sure the windows are spotless.

l  Clean and dry the carpets

l  Hoover the upholstery thoroughly to get rid of any debris and dust.

l  Move the furniture, then vacuum the underside.

l  To preserve them crisp and white, wash doilies, bed drapes, and nets.

l  Watch your curtains and carpets for signs of scuffing and have them cleaned before they do.

l  Eliminate any mold stains near windows, and touch up the paint if required.

l  Additionally, you might need to touch up paint on walkway areas like stairways and hallways that are damaged by cases.

l  Clean the door frames, architraves, and skirt boards.

l  Clean the doormats and the floor

l  Clear cracks and crevices of spiders and flies.

Make the exterior nice too

While it’s crucial to carefully clean the interior of your vacation rental, don’t overlook the exterior as well. The front door, front yard, and porch will be responsible for good or bad first impressions. Make sure the front door is clean, check for flaky paintwork, and remove any weeds from the driveway and garden walk. A nice front door mat that says “welcome” is always a good detail for the guests.

We have come to a conclusion, and although this list may seem unending, routine deep cleaning is crucial. Because one person may become exhausted from regular cleaning, professional cleaners are frequently a big help.

The more often you thoroughly clean your vacation home, the easier it will be to do so when it starts to look a little worse for wear. Make sure that your vacation rental sparkles from the moment your visitors arrive since little things and first impressions count. The nicest thing that can happen is for delighted customers to appreciate your efforts and let you know by leaving positive reviews and making additional reservations, which is the best thing it can happen to your rental business.

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