6 Types of Carpets that would compliment your living room space


From just being a layer of cloth on your floor to transforming your home decor into an attractive space, carpets have come a long way over the years.  Yes, not only has the thickness of these floor coverings increased over the years, but so have their designs, patterns, and varieties.You definitely require carpets for your living room to enhance the beauty of your space. But do you know what kind of carpets for living room would complement your living room space the best? If not, then you should definitely read below.

Turkish rugs and carpets – If you love art and want a sophisticated and elegant presentation in your home, then the best carpets for living room are those Turkish hand woven ones. These have a unique feature in each of their pieces, and that is why they are game changers for your home decor. The most common colour in Turkish rugs and carpets is red, and the best surroundings for it could be neutral walls or white furniture around it.

Faux sheepskin rugs and carpets – Another sophisticated choice for your living room is faux sheepskin and carpet. It is a very elite type of carpet that can be a lively part of your home decor. But when you are adding this feature to your home interior, remember that the foot traffic in this area should be very low. Also, choose rugs or carpets that contrast with your walls or furniture to create a seamless blending of beauty in this space.

Floral Printed Carpets – The carpet, especially in floral prints, looks amazing in a living room that has softly coloured walls or light shaded wallpaper. The thickness of these floral printed carpets is entirely your choice. Also, there are lots of materials from which you get these carpets, like the tufted ones, nylon carpets, and so on. Pick the one that suits your living room decor and your lifestyle the most.

Jute and bamboo carpets – If you care about the environment, then you should opt for natural fibres for your carpet, like jute and bamboo. These carpets are not only environmentally friendly, but also very affordable.They create a fantastic look in your living room if you match them perfectly with your wooden furniture. Also, these jute and bamboo carpets are very long lasting and require the least amount of maintenance.

Designer carpets – When we’re talking about carpets, you even have the choice to design or customise them for your living room. The Persian rugs or African carpets are perfect examples of such flooring. Also, you can opt for the handwoven and distinct knots in the carpets if you love them to be very detailed in design. The patterns and prints of these carpets can be chosen as per your choice and in the same way as you have your living room decor.

Nylon carpets – Nylon carpets are very economical options for your living room. This can be a perfect choice if you have a big family with children and pets. Also, if your home has a lot of foot traffic, choose nylon carpets for the living room. These are available in various colours, designs, and patterns, so you won’t have any issue choosing the best one for your space.

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