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4 Things to Do Before Your Aircon Installation in Singapore


Whether you’re getting your first aircon or replacing an old one, ensuring your installation goes smoothly is essential. Improper installation could result in your air conditioner getting a shortened lifespan, forcing you to spend more money on either repairs or another replacement. Plus, a smooth installation helps you build a better relationship with your aircon contractor, granting you someone you can trust for maintenance and repairs. Here’s everything you need to do before your aircon installation appointment in Singapore.

1. Choose Your Contractor Wisely

Before you get your air conditioner installed, you first need to find an experienced contractor. You can get the best aircon servicing in Singapore by asking for recommendations. See if your friends or family have experience with a contractor they trust so that they can refer them to you. Also, look at other factors, such as their location, prices, experience, range of services, and more.

2. Decide Where to Install Your Unit

If you’ve had an aircon before, you can always put your new aircon where your previous one was installed. But if this is your first air conditioner, you’ll need to choose where to install it carefully. Does your area have enough space for indoor and outdoor units? Is anything blocking the way of its path? Those are just a few things to consider when choosing a space for your aircon installation in Singapore.

3. Clean and Seal Your Ducts

If you had an air conditioner in your home previously and decided to put your new air conditioner on your old duct, ensure that it is clean and aired out. For the best aircon installation results in Singapore, you’ll want to clean your ducts beforehand. Otherwise, the accumulated dust and dirt can damage your new aircon, shortening its lifespan. Plus, it can negatively affect your air quality, endangering the health of you and your family members.

4. Clear the Way For Your Contractor

On the day of the aircon installation in Singapore, ensure that your house is neat enough that there is a clear pathway from your front door to the area you’d like your aircon to be installed. It’ll make their job easier and reduce the chances of any property damage or other accidents from happening.

Whether you need aircon installation, repair services, or maintenance checks, Jetstyle Aircon has your back. Boasting experience with handling all brands of air conditioners available, you can trust Jetstyle Aircon with your air conditioner needs. Enquire about their aircon installation price in Singapore by contacting Jetstyle Aircon today.

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