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Why Is It A Great Idea To Live In Verrado? 

Live In Verrado

Verrado is situated in Buckeye, 25 miles from downtown Phoenix in the foothills of white tank mountain. The place is well known for its more than 70 neighborhood parks and best schools. There are ample options for kids and adults of all ages to enjoy every morning and make it memorable. Here you can buy a home efficiently and create it uniquely per your lifestyle.

New homes for sale in Verrado are available as per your choice. So whether you want to stay near shopping malls or nature, here you will quickly get a home as per your preference.

What Makes Living In Verrado Special And Unique? 

Walkable restaurants and shopping malls where neighbors turn friends quickly are a specialty of the place. One can see life in every corner of here.


There are more than 70 parks in Verrado that make it look beautiful and greener. Parks are a place that provides all the recreational activities for kids, a place where neighbors meet, have fun and get together and encourage kids to stay active. Verrado has all types of parks, extensive parks, small parks, play parks, etc.

Mountains and Trails 

The beauty of Verrado lies in the mountains and trails surrounding the place and connecting the neighborhoods. Trail 340 is the most challenging trail for hikers. Idea trail is suitable for those who want a little cardio workout.


Verrado offers more than five best-performing schools, and every school maintains a balance between traditional schools and the use of new technology. The best part about every school is that they are just a walk away from your neighborhood.

The schools are known for their excellent academic programs and commitment to helping students succeed. The town is also home to several colleges and universities, which makes it an ideal place for students to continue their education.

Golf course 

Verrado holds two of the best golf courses, one is the Founders course, and another one is the Victory course. Golfers from various regions come here and participate in golf tournaments.

Main street

Here the main street is the center of attraction. It takes you to beautiful restaurants filled with friends and family.

Recreational Activities and Club

If you are looking for complete fun, recreation, and entertainment, there is a lot you can experience at Verrado. It features ballparks, movie theaters, zoos, rec centers, clubs, library fitness, and spa centers.

The list of amenities available here is endless. Whether it is shops, restaurants, recreational activities, clubs, or yoga sessions, everything is available for those looking for new homes for sale in Verrado and who want to embrace the small-town charm.

Cost Of Houses At Verrado

Verrado gives you many options for houses like rental lofts, row homes, apartments, single-family homes, custom homes, and so on. Currently, homes here range from $300,000 to $600,000, depending upon your choice of home. These prices are pretty affordable if you compare them to other places to live in the US. And one thing for sure is that the houses offered at Verrado are the proper mixture of comfort and affordability.


If you need a perfect peaceful vibrant home, Verrado is the right place. It fulfills the dream of a person who wants to live in a small town community with an appropriate blend of modernity. With all the amenities provided just next to your door, it is a place that meets all your needs.

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