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Why Fitted Wardrobes Are Great for Any Bedroom


When you have a simple closet in your bedroom, it is hard to find space to store all the items you own. Typically, most of the things find homes in corners, tables, chairs and other nooks because you simply do not have space in your closet anymore.

Purchasing freestanding wardrobes is a practical solution. However, you may end up with several if you are the type of person who is not a fan of organising their wardrobe. Further, freestanding closets leave gaps between their bottoms and the floor, and between their tops and the ceiling. These gaps are dust traps, and they are often difficult to reach and clean.

If you want to achieve a seamless, stylish and contemporary-looking wardrobe with plenty of storage space, the perfect solution is to have made to measure wardrobes. Discover why a custom-built wardrobe is an impressive addition to any bedroom.

Get rid of clutter

If you are not careful, it is easy for clutter to build up in your bedroom. You can easily fall into the habit of making excuses to avoid picking up and tidying your room. Soon, the small pile of clothes can become a hill, and later a mountain of clothes, with dirty and clean clothes in the mix. Often, the underlying reason is the lack of space in the wardrobe.

Maximise space and design

If storage space is the underlying issue, consider having a fitted wardrobe storage instead of purchasing several free-standing closets. Further, you can use all the space available since you can have the wardrobe occupy the entire wall or walls, from floor to ceiling. The designer can conform the design to the contour of the space and make use of small spaces and awkward corners.

Customise the wardrobe to your needs

A fitted wardrobe is a brilliant addition to your bedroom. Since it is custom-built, you can make it fit your requirements. Think of the amount of storage space you need, the things you should keep, and the location of the wardrobe. Consider if you need open shelves and a desk. Look at the various finishes available, including colours and embellishments. If your room is small, closet doors with full-length mirrors will make the room brighter and bigger. If space is limited, you can have sliding doors instead of doors that swing-out.

Customise the materials and finishes

The wardrobe builder or designer can make the wardrobe fit the interior design of your bedroom. You can choose the base materials, the type of wood finish, and the fixtures. You can choose the paint with a matt or gloss finish. How about interior closet lighting? Opt for automatic lighting that turns on when you open the wardrobe door. Or you can choose one that has a switch. Closet lighting is useful when the wardrobe is away from a light source, or you are looking for items in the inner recesses of the wardrobe.

Any bedroom will benefit from the addition of a fitted wardrobe. Plus, it will be easier to clean your bedroom because there are no gaps between the walls and the wardrobe, or between individual closets. Likewise, a floor to ceiling design uses all the space, preventing the existence of hard-to-reach spaces.

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