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What’s the Deal With My Leaking Pipes?


Have you ever sat in a quiet room and noticed a steady pouring sound coming from your bathroom or kitchen? The persistent plopping sound may be irritating, but it might be far more harmful than you know. There are several contributors to the origin of these leaks, some of which may indicate much more severe problems in your water line.

It would help if you acted quickly before a tiny trickle becomes a flood. Valley Plumbing is a secure and helpful option because they will be available on the day you need them. They can tackle any size problem and any pipe material, even cast iron pipe replacement for all of their Utah customers. When you request their aid, keep the following possibilities in mind. That might give them a sense of what to expect when they come to your aid.

Temperature Variations

As the weather abruptly changes from one extreme to another, our bodies suffer, and you may expect the same for portions of your home. Depending on the material used, your pipes may expand and compress anytime it becomes extremely hot or extremely cold. This can cause them to distort and stress the various connecting points. It may even thin the material, making your pipes more prone to leaking.

Extreme Water Pressure

One of the most prevalent reasons for pipe leaks is structural deterioration. Frequent variations in water pressure may wreak havoc on the integrity of pipes, leading them to degrade and shatter over time. These fractures can form in areas that are difficult or expensive to reach or fix, such as beneath a concrete slab or pipe bracket. If you last updated your pipes in years, you’ll notice this more. Older pipes with thin walls are more likely to burst than modern pipelines with thicker walls.

Pipes That Are Rusted and Corroded

Rust occurs as a result of the deterioration of iron and other metals exposed to water and oxygen over time. As rust accumulates on the interior of a pipe, it weakens the structure, generating microscopic fissures that can eventually expand into bigger holes. Another sort of damage that contributes to pipe leaks is corrosion. Corrosion, unlike rust, affects any metal that is exposed to a corrosive substance, such as seawater or acidic soil. Corrosion often manifests itself as pitting on the interior surface of a pipe, weakening its structure and increasing the likelihood of leaks.

Repairing Your Own Pipes

Fortunately, not all leaks are detrimental to your house. There are a few methods you may take to fix leaks in your plumbing, depending on the severity of the problem. After discovering the problem and turning off your water supply, you may be able to do one of the following:

  • Use a pipe restorer or joint compound directly to any cracks or holes in your pipes. These substances are designed to harden and form a seal on broken pipes, stopping water from escaping and sealing minor leaks.
  • Another frequent option is to cover the exterior of each pipe with a flexible tape or foam insulation to prevent water from leaking out between joints and to aid in the prevention of freezing and floods during the winter months.

But, if neither of them works or you need more confidence in your own abilities, you may call Valley Plumbing for prompt and professional assistance. They may service pipes in any portion of your home, including your water and sewer lines. Even the most difficult problems, such as clogs, may be resolved using procedures such as hydro jetting.

If your pipes have reached the end of their useful life, Valley Plumbing will gladly assist you in replacing them. They can replace outdated iron pipes with high-quality materials. While dealing with them, you have the option of using copper or PEX plumbing. Both have advantages, and Valley Plumbing’s experts can assist you in making the right option for your property.

Leaks are a regular annoyance for homeowners, but some of them can lead to major issues in the future. Stop the situation as soon as possible so that your family and house are safe. Let Valley Plumbing assist you right now.

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