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What is the link between air filters and allergies?


Many people underestimate the importance of changing the air filters frequently. Air filters are available in both disposable and reusable varieties. Hence, it is important that they should be either replace or clean without affecting the cooling. If someone is having asthma or some sort of allergies, this act becomes even more necessary.

The air filters are essential components needed for the heating and cooling system. They are manufactured of spun fiberglass material, which is usually framed in a cardboard box. In the market, you will find air filters in cloth or pleated paper.

  • Allergies and air filters

Air filters and allergies are actually interlinked and need to be taken care of.

  • Go for special air filters

There is a very common myth that a regular HVAC filter can protect the allergies. The fact is completely different. If you want to prevent allergy attacks, there are special filters you should buy. The filters are designed for removing dust by cleaning or replace them quickly.

  • The normal paper filters are unable to catch allergens

Paper filters are basically used in furnaces and air conditioners, so designed for trapping large particles like dust. By replacing the filters, you can easily prevent the dust to get accumulate and reducing the efficiency. These contaminants can also get circulated and thrown back into your home.

The use of HEPA filters is meant to trap small particles and allergens as well making your indoor clean.

  • Frequent replacement of filter

It is required to understand the prominence of replacing the air filters frequently. Unlike the ordinary HVAC filters, the HEPA ones can prevent allergens to enter your home. Hence, it becomes important to change them once a month or earlier based on the area. The expert technicians are there to help in maintaining the replacement schedule.

The last words

Selecting the right filter is not enough; you also have to ensure that you are cleaning the HVAC system clean regularly. Abacus Plumbing is ready to give you residential and commercial service when your unit starts troubling you.



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