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Wet Room Installation – What are the Top Flooring Options Available?


Are you planning to opt for wet room installation Sheffield in your home? First of all, you have to consider your style, budget and lifestyle. However, there are many more options – when it comes to flooring materials for your wet room. When you are choosing wet room flooring, you can be very creative and get plenty of options to pick from. These are some of the top flooring options that you can consider opting from, for your wet room installation purposes.

Ceramic Tiles

These have a solid feel, and look rich as well as textured, never giving the impression that it is a cheaper option. Visually, it has the same kind of appeal as wood. Its price is in the similar range as that of vinyl. You can choose from ceramic tiles of various types – such as those that resemble stone. You can find these in varied shapes – like octagonal and hexagonal, as well as in different types of sizes – such as 2 by 2 inch and 4 by 4 inch.

Ceramic tiles might not be very comfortable for the bare foot, but require minimal maintenance – which makes these a preferred choice. Also, you can ensure comfort for feet when you install radiant floor heat. Mosaic tiles can be opted for, especially the variety that is available in plastic pre-mounted mesh sheets, which remove the need to install these one by one. While it might be slippery to walk on Ceramic tiles, the texturing aids in feet grip. Also, smaller sized tiles for wet room installation Sheffield are less slippery – due to the use of more grout in them, which can ensure no skids.

Sheet or Tile Vinyl

These are resistant to water as well as stains and can reduce seams which might otherwise seep beneath. This type of material can be ideal as an option for bathroom flooring for various reasons, beginning with the fact that these can be installed easily. You can actually get this wet room installation Sheffield flooring material in thousands of options – when it comes to the style. In any type of wet room or bathroom, tile vinyl or sheet can be a perfect option. These can be maintained at a low cost, and are quite a practical option.


These are pricier for wet room installation Sheffield, but can be a perfect choice otherwise. Choose flooring of stones like marble, granite or limestone, and you will not have to experience any problem with moisture. While stone can be slippery and cold, slate or other naturally textured stone or sandblasted stone can be much more comfortable.

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