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Understanding Heating System Types

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Heating problems can occur at any time. When a problem arises with your heating system, having a trusted team like Gresham Heating & Air Conditioning is your best option. Additionally, you will feel better about your system if you know what kind of heating system you have and how much upkeep it needs to run. If you need heating installation in Bridal Veil, OR, Gresham Heating & Air Conditioning can recommend the finest heating system.

Forced-Air HVAC System: What You Should Know

Forced-air systems use air to transfer heat around your home. This is the most common type of heating. The warm air is forced out of vents spread throughout your home by your ductwork. You may regulate the system’s temperature by using a thermostat, which controls forced air. Gas or electric furnaces are frequently used in forced air systems to heat the air. Air-based heat pumps are an additional option.

In new homes, the ductwork is frequently already there, making a forced-air HVAC system suitable. Gresham Heating & Air Conditioning can regularly maintain your forced air heating system. Additionally, your air filters must be regularly changed or cleaned. When this happens, dust doesn’t accumulate throughout the house, which is particularly important if any family members suffer from asthma or other breathing problems.


Furnaces are commonly used due to their dependability and efficiency. Additionally, they last a long time, especially if Gresham Heating & Air Conditioning HVAC professionals do regular maintenance and repairs. For instance, a 20-year-old furnace may still function at 70% of its original efficiency if you maintain it properly. You can choose a gas, electric, solid fuel, or oil-burning furnace for your house, depending on your area’s fuel options. If you have any queries about your options, rely on the information you receive from our specialists.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump system that circulates air through your home may have a valve that alters the refrigerant liquid flow direction. These systems work without the use of gas or electricity. This is viewed as a significant benefit by some homeowners. There are three distinct types of heat pumps available for your home.

  • Air-Sourced Heat Pumps
  • Heat pumps with a split system and no ductwork
  • Geothermal heating

Both ground-sourced and air-sourced heat pump systems can be serviced by the Gresham Heating & Air Conditioning team. Heat pumps are less expensive than furnaces and central air conditioning systems. However, they can be less effective throughout the winter when temperatures decrease. You should install a furnace or another packaged HVAC system to handle temperatures below zero. If your home has a heat pump, talk to the Gresham Heating & Air Conditioning experts about your options.

Discuss Your Options With Gresham Heating & Air Conditioning

Gresham Heating & Air Conditioning is dedicated to boosting comfort in your home and offering first-rate service. While our skilled team cares about your HVAC systems, you won’t have to worry about anything. As you realize they are in fine shape, your stress levels decrease. For any HVAC requirements, including heater repair, get in touch with our professionals right away.

Since 1992, Gresham Heating & Air Conditioning has delivered superior service to homes through our trustworthy and knowledgeable team. Call if you require assistance with your HVAC systems. In addition to our other services, we provide emergency assistance around-the-clock. We are happy to serve Portland, Gresham, and Bridal Veil, Oregon. Contact us today!

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