The Perils of a Defective Panel Box


Your home needs the power to work correctly. All essential electricity, whether for lights or appliances, is returned to a breaker box or panel box. It serves as the voltage hub, separating the circuits throughout the home. These gadgets typically work without issue, but if a problem occurs, such as a power outage, they may leave you in the dark.

You may completely prevent this by relying on a firm like Orange Electric for electrical panel repair in West Jordan, UT. They have the knowledge and tools to assist both citizens and companies in remaining safe and operational. Even if you believe that obtaining an electrical inspection is expensive, it may save you a lot of trouble and keep you from having to deal with any of the following issues.

Rising Energy Prices

You may imagine that a defective panel box would not increase your utility costs, but this is different. Even if the electricity from your appliances drops, energy is still being used. The function of your panel box is to regulate voltage usage; if it fails, things can go wrong. Even if you seldom use a specific gadget, it might be overrun due to a broken panel. Your monthly expenses will quickly grow, much to your dismay and distress.

Gadgets That Have Been Damaged

Since they may begin to overflow, your appliances may fail completely. Power surges can also be caused by faulty wiring in the panels. More sensitive appliances, such as washers, dryers, and laptop computers, may be beyond repair in any case. Because they are frequently your most costly products, this might be a substantial investment for you.


The most difficult situation you may encounter is a fire or explosion. Your panels include several wires, and they may begin to ignite when they deteriorate. These sparks can ignite if they come into contact with combustible materials like wood or insulation. In seconds, your house might be engulfed in flames. You risk not just significant property damage but potentially losing your life. Each year, electrical fires are predicted to cause roughly 50,000 fires in the United States.

Malfunction Signs and Symptoms

The simplest way to protect your home against any of the hazards mentioned above is to be aware of the most apparent signs of a problem. If you do this, you will be able to contact us for support sooner:

  • Your power panel is beginning to fail. This is frequently related to aging, which implies that the inside components wear out as well.
  • Keep an ear out for any distracting or loud sounds coming from the panel. This might mean that the wiring is becoming loose.
  • Examine for overheating, which might signal that currents are too high for your panel.

Because electrical panels are both delicate and dangerous, they should never be fixed on your own. Orange Electric is the sure solution to your problems, whether you’re in the midst of an emergency or require a routine inspection. You can count on an electrician to arrive on time.

Choosing the Best Electrician for the Job

Electrical job requires substantial training since technology is always advancing. Orange Electric is an excellent team to call in West Jordan, UT since they are constantly adjusting to changes and educating themselves on the approaches that will best benefit clients.

When they visit to evaluate your electrical panel box, they will immediately see the source of the problem. They may then either diagnose the system or provide you with a replacement. They will only offer you the most effective and cost-efficient option since they are clear in their job. After assisting you with this issue, they may assist you with annual electrical inspections to ensure that you continue to be safe.

Home security is more than just a surveillance system. A correctly operating panel box may aid in maintaining the most crucial fixtures and appliances that make your house efficient and pleasant to run. Make sure you place your confidence in the most trustworthy team available at the first sight or sound of a problem. Orange Electric provides various sorts of electrical services.

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