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Safe Ship Moving Services Discusses Tips for Safely Moving Fragile Goods


There are numerous things one has to think about when planning to relocate, moving their fragile and valuable items being one of the most important ones. Such delicate belongings require an extra level of attention and care during the moving process.  While hiring companies like Safe Ship Moving Services can undoubtedly make the moving process simpler, one should also be careful about packing their delicate belongings carefully so that they are transported safely to the new home. The right packing material and supplies must be chosen for these items to make sure that they can withstand the sudden pressure of bumpy travel.

Safe Ship Moving Services offers a few tips for safely moving fragile goods

There are a few items often present in the house that require more careful handling than others. These items may include pottery, glassware, musical instruments, ceramics, cutlery, paintings and jewellery. Many of these items can get damaged quite easily. Moreover, they may also have financial or sentimental value that often makes them priority over other goods. Hence, it is prudent for people to follow a few smart tips for moving fragile goods and ensuring their safety:

  • Plan ahead of packing: One needs to start by creating a proper planning for packing and moving their fragile goods. A checklist should be prepared that includes all of these items, and one must allocate adequate time to pack each of them efficiently.
  • Gather appropriate supplies: Getting the right packing materials and supplies is extremely important when moving fragile goods. One must ensure to buy sturdy moving boxes of different sizes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, packing tapes and more. If they are out of bubble wrap, one may also use certain alternatives like foam or newspaper.
  • Wrap items individually: After the packing supplies have been purchased and each fragile item has been sorted, they should be packed individually with a layer of bubble wrap. Extra attention should be provided to handles or bulged areas, to make sure that they are adequately protected.
  • Use proper cushioning: One should try to line the moving box floor with a layer of paper or packing peanuts. The wrapped fragile item should be subsequently placed inside the box, and more cushioning materials should be placed around it to minimize movement.
  • Fill empty spaces: One may use items like old socks, towels, blankets, or clothing to fill up the gaps within the box. Packing the moving boxes in a compact manner, where there is no gap present, prevents the goods from shifting and bumping against each other during transit, thereby lowering the odds of damage. When packing glassware, it is better to not put other heavy items in the same box to avoid friction or pressure.

Hiring companies like Safe Ship Moving Services and following the tips mentioned above can go a long way in ensuring a hassle-free move. One should also mark the boxes with fragile items with bold labels and the word “FRAGILE” in large letters in order to alert the movers to exercise caution while handling these boxes.

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