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Parquetry is a traditional wood flooring with small blocks of wood arranged in a different geometric pattern to generate exquisite floor designs. It involves laying the Parquet blocks in a linear way that the blocks always follow the succeeding grain through the proper marking on the ground. Originally introduced in 16th century France by Louis XIV by replacing stone-based floors, it soon spread to other parts of the world, especially America. Parquet Flooring was ubiquitous in every house of the US during the 1970s and is again gaining fashion because of its versatility and high decorative appeal. It is done by arranging solid or engineered wood pieces of different materials and then sanding the surface to provide a shiny effect. Today, Parquet flooring is easy to install as these require a cold adhesive below. Instead of nailing, this adhesive allows one hour before drying up, making it super easy to install them. Parquetry tiles are also available in various dimensions, which can also be placed easily compared to ceramic tiles and add more natural aesthetic appeal to the room.

Parquet flooring Sydney is done with modern tools and is cost-effective. The types of materials used in this flooring are discussed here:

Oak flooring: From warm grey to coastal oiled oak, this parquet flooring absorbs the adhesive well and is also stain resistant. The colour enhances with time, and the floor is harder than other woods.

Walnut flooring: Brown colour and robust nature of walnut wood make the details of the floor more delightful and luxurious. It can be further enhanced by polishing.

Chevron flooring: Chevron parquet flooring is done by cutting the wood blocks or strips at a 45-degree angle, making the room look larger compared to other types of parquet.

Oak and walnut: Alternate blocks of oak and walnut can be placed, providing a better texture and high-end strength.

Parquet flooring requires the presence of suitable bedding below, which should be free from any moisture. It can be applied on various sub-floors, including concrete, sheet vinyl, ceramic, terrazzo, chipboard, particleboard, etc. Parquet flooring is prone to scratches from pets, shoes, etc. It should be protected against termites using suitable chemicals from time to time. Maintaining its appearance requires polishing by a professional, although modern parquet tiles can last longer in this term. It is more expensive than most of the ceramic and stone-based floorings available in the market, and their variety may be more than parquet wooden patterns. These cannot be installed in areas of high moisture content, such as the bathroom, as this may result in wood swelling because of their non-repellent nature. Care and maintenance of parquet flooring should be done periodically to retain its true nature and involves mopping with a microfiber cloth. Spills should be immediately attended to and soaked or wiped. Specialised solutions can be applied to the floor once a month. Avoid using fire and hot objects against the floor as these are not heatproof.

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