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Maintaining Your Swamp Cooling Unit when Not in Use


When the weather becomes cold, your swamp cooling unit or air cooler fan is the last thing on your mind. The temperature is cold, so heating your home is not even an option. However, summer is sure to come around again, and you don’t want to be stuck with a swamp cooler that doesn’t work. One of the salient problems many people have is maintaining your swamp cooling unit when not in use. This article covers how you can maintain the swamp cooler till you need it again. This action will save you large sums in repairs or even parts replacements; let’s dive in.

Always Turn the Power Off

When the air cooler fan isn’t in use, you need to always turn the power supply off. When you turn it off and disconnect it from the power outlet, it will prevent the swamp cooling unit from turning on accidentally while in storage. It also prevents you from facing any form of danger when cleaning or trying to drain the swamp cooler.

Turn the Water Supply Off

The cooling pads require a water supply to stay wet when you’re using the swamp cooler. However, this is no longer important if the swamp cooling unit won’t be in use. When you’re packing up the air cooler fan, ensure you turn off the water supply valve. It prevents corrosion on the cooling pad and also ensures your swamp cooling unit is still in excellent condition when you’re ready to use. Ensure it is dried out before storing and keep in a dry place.

Drain the Swamp Cooling Unit

Another vital step you need to take for maintaining the swamp cooling unit when not in use is draining it. If there is standing water in your swamp cooler, get rid of it. One way to do this is by opening the swamp cooler’s bottom or getting it out using a small container. Ensure the swamp cooling unit is dry before you store it away. You can soak up any little water left with the use of rags and sponges. Doing this ensures no corrosion or rust to worry about when you’re not using the swamp cooler.

Clean the Swamp Cooling Unit

Cleaning the swamp cooler before you store it away when no longer in use is imperative. You have to clean out the minerals remaining within the unit. You can do this using a sponge and white vinegar. If the cooling pads are disposable, you can either replace them before storage or wait till later. However, if the pads are top quality, dry them out before you store them away.


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