Joanna Gaines Farmhouse Dining Room Decor

joanna gaines farmhouse dining room decor


Joanna Gaines, the co-star of HGTV’s hit show “Fixer Upper,” has captured the hearts of millions with her signature farmhouse style that combines rustic, vintage, and modern elements. She brings warmth, character, and a homely feel into any space she designs, with a dining room being no exception. This article explores Joanna Gaines-inspired farmhouse dining room decor, with a focus on creating an inviting, comfortable space for gathering and sharing meals.

  1. Rustic Farmhouse Table: At the heart of any dining room designed by Joanna is a rustic farmhouse table. Often made from reclaimed wood or finished in a distressed style, this piece becomes the focal point of the room. The table not only provides a spacious area for dining but also adds a hefty dose of charm and character.
  2. Mix and Match Seating: Joanna frequently uses a mix of chairs and benches for seating. This not only adds visual interest but also allows for flexibility in accommodating different numbers of guests. The chair styles typically range from vintage metal, distressed wood, to upholstered options, each adding a unique touch to the room.
  3. Industrial Light Fixtures: Lighting is another crucial element in Joanna Gaines’s decor. She often opts for oversized industrial light fixtures that make a statement. Whether it’s a large metal pendant or a chandelier with exposed bulbs, these fixtures provide excellent lighting while enhancing the room’s farmhouse feel.
  4. Neutral Color Palette: Joanna’s designs often feature a neutral color palette. Whites, grays, creams, and beiges are commonly used for walls, furniture, and textiles. This color scheme creates a calming backdrop that lets the room’s key elements shine.
  5. Natural Elements: Bringing nature indoors is a common theme in Joanna’s designs. This can be achieved through the use of potted plants, wreaths, or fresh flowers on the dining table. The addition of these natural elements breathes life into the space, adding to its warm and inviting feel.
  6. Vintage Accents: Joanna Gaines often incorporates vintage pieces or flea market finds into her designs. These could include an antique sideboard, a weathered mirror, or old signs used as wall art. These items contribute to the unique and personalized feel of the dining room.
  7. Textiles: To add warmth and comfort to the dining room, Joanna uses textiles like area rugs, throw pillows on benches, and drapes on windows. These often come in neutral tones or soft, earthy colors and can feature textures or patterns.


Joanna Gaines’s farmhouse dining room decor is all about creating a warm, inviting space that brings people together. By combining rustic furniture, industrial light fixtures, a neutral color palette, natural elements, vintage accents, and cozy textiles, you can achieve a dining room that feels both stylish and welcoming. Whether you’re refurbishing your dining room or starting from scratch, incorporating these elements can help you capture that Joanna Gaines-inspired farmhouse charm in your home.

Wesley L. Layden

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