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Installing ceramic tiles for bathrooms: Pros, cons, and other aspects!


Bathroom remodeling projects can be quite overwhelming. After all, you are expected to make serious decisions, which includes selecting the right material for walls and flooring. Bathrooms are functional spaces of the house, and while aesthetic appeal and design do matter, you have to be precise with practical aspects. There are varied options for bathroom flooring and walls, including natural stones. However, talk to top suppliers, such as Ceramique au Sommet Montreal, and they will tell you that ceramic tiles may work better. Here is a look at the pros, cons, and other critical aspects about ceramic tiles. 

The advantages

Firstly, ceramic tiles are nonporous, unlike natural stones. Water resistance is an important factor to consider while selecting bathroom tiles and materials, and ceramic tiles tick all the right boxes. You don’t have to worry about the tiles harboring moisture, dust or bacteria, and cleaning is super easy. For the unversed, ceramic tiles are made in an oven using clay and minerals, at very high temperatures, and hence, the material once ready is extremely durable. You don’t have to worry about professional maintenance anytime soon, as long as installation is done right. There are literally countless designs and styles in ceramic tiles, so if you are thinking of theme or design, you will have no qualms in finding the right color, pattern, and shade. 

On the flip side

Since ceramic tiles are manmade in an oven, there could be design changes in different lots. We strongly suggest that you order a few extra pieces beyond what you require for each bathroom, so that if a tile chips or breaks, you can replace it easily without spending a fortune. Finding the exact tile later may become a problem otherwise. 

How much do ceramic tiles cost?

That depends on the design, color, and other aspects. As for the shades, white, grey, and printed ceramic tiles are often used for bathrooms, especially to create a coordinated effect. Find a good supplier, and they can help you choose between the options, depending on the kind of look you want for each bathroom. Get an estimate in advance, and check a few samples in person. Some ceramic tiles do cost more for the extra glazing, which is worth paying for. 

There is no denying that ceramic tiles are stunning, beautiful, and practical for home use, especially for bathrooms and kitchens. Review a few designs to find the right pick. 

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