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How You Can Distinguish A Handmade Carpet From A Machine-Made Carpet?


When it comes to decorating your home, carpets are one of the most favored decorating items. They instantly light up your décor and add a lot of character to it. But sometimes, buying these carpets can often be confusing as there are two main types; handmade carpets and machine-made carpets. It’s very difficult to tell the differences between the two, especially if you don’t have enough experience with handmade carpet. Both carpets are good and add a unique touch to the home. However, handmade carpets are known for their superior quality and longevity. The threads of machine-made carpets, on the other hand, can come undone with time due to the damage. This is the main reason why homeowners consider installing handmade carpets in their homes rather than machine-made.

Before jumping into the details, we’d like to tell you a little about these two carpet types.

Handmade Carets & Machine-Made Carpets

Would you like to know how the making of each carpet is different from another? This is so simple to determine. In a handmade carpet, all knots are done by hand. On the contrary, the knots of machine-made carpets are woven using large machines. They are also referred to as power-loomed carpets. Sometimes in handmade carpets, a drill gun is also used to insert the pile into the fabric. A 9X12 size machine-made carpet takes about a few days to manufacture wherein a handmade carpet o the same size takes more than a year to complete. Handmade carpets are usually made of wool, silk, and cotton. Machine-made carpets, on the other hand, are mostly made of synthetic fibers like nylon blended with wool, and polypropylene.

This was just a little description of the two carpet types. After reading this blog till the end, you’ll come to know how handmade carpets are better. The main differences between the two types are the back, the fringe, and the edge finishing of the carpet.

  • Fringe Of The Carpet

You can quickly determine whether it’s a handmade carpet or machine-made by looking at the fringes. If the fringe is added afterward, it means the carpet is machine-made and if it’s an extension of the carpet, it indicates it’s a handmade carpet.

  • Edge Finishing Of Carpets

Another way to differentiate a handmade carpet from a machine-made is to look at the edge of the carpet. If there are no stitches visible in the edge then it’s a handmade carpet, and on the other hand, if you observe any type of binding or use of surging in the edge, then you are looking at a machine-made carpet.

  • The Backside Of The Carpets

One of the easiest ways to find out whether the carpet is machine-made or handmade is by looking at the backside of the carpet. If you find out the back of the carpet is not 100% even, this means it is a handmade carpet. The more detailed design on the back means the carpet is more durable and made with great attention.

After reading the above differences, you can better know which carpet type fits best your needs!

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