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How to learn Plumbing basics?


Plumbing is the pre-requisite of every home. The word “Plumbing” is originally derived from the Latin Language “plum bum” which means “Lead”. Alphatradesmenacademy.com is an online platform which provides the best efficacious training in regard to plumbing, itenriches the aspiring personnel with the required knowledge right from the scratch to the grave. Plumbing and sanitary system is the most wanted part of each home, buildings, and apartments. Without proper plumbing works carried out in a place it is disastrous to live in. Proper planning and designing of plumbing system is crucial as it needs to take care of hygienic requirements of the occupants who is going to dwell in the required place.

Importance of Plumbing:

A recent survey has shown that 8 % of the construction cost of a building site composes of plumbing and sanitary system. The important role of a plumber involves positive attitude, laborious character and must have tremendous communication skill. The role of a plumber consists of installation, repair, maintenance and servicing of plumbing fittings and fictions. The plumber must have thorough understanding knowledge of the mechanism assigned in various tasks to come out as a result oriented skilled worker.

Plumbing cycle is a mechanism in which the water is taken from the source then supplied to the users and then finally wastewater is collected and recycled to the source with the conventional treatment. The skill and art which is required to transport the water to the users, then to the treating plants and finally providing the treated water to the users through the distribution system is known as Plumbing. The plumbing is a system of pipes and fittings that carries water from the statutory source. An important point to be noted that plumbing system requires adequate and regular supply of water and a proper system for water disposal.

The water supplied to the house comes through pipes from the storage tank. Similarly, the wastewater from the kitchen and washroom are drained out with the help of pipes. So, it is clearly understood that any building whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial requires proper plumbing and sanitary arrangements in a place accordingly. The plumbing system requires the following:

  • Adequate water supply.
  • Galvanize iron or plastic pipes and fixtures.
  • Soil pipes and fixtures.
  • Sanitary drainage system, and
  • Rainwater drainage system.

Plumbing system:

A plumbing system consists of pipe fittings and appliances that is used for water supply and drainage. The plumbing installation is governed and carried out as per the rules and regulations arrogated by the municipal authorities or committees of different States and Communities. Plumbing and Sanitation plays a vital role in the construction of a building. In the plumbing system, different pipes are sorted and used for different purposes. For an efficient plumbing system, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIU) advises that standard plumbing and sanitary materials needed to be used for installation purpose. Defective items should not be used which does not meets the standards. The plumber must always consider the following points and work skillfully to give the finest output.

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