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How to Install a Split System Air Conditioner


The installment of the split air conditioning or cooling system is a critical task. If the setup is done accurately, your air conditioning unit will give optimal cooling, yet if it is not done effectively, you won’t obtain the wanted air conditioning impact. A poor-installations likewise brings about constant maintenance problems.

Numerous variables have to consider during the setup of a split AC system.

  • Strength of wall surface to hold the A/C

The interior system of split Air Conditioning should be mounted on a wall surface solid sufficient to hold the device’s weight. 

  • Proper spacing in between the wall and Air Conditioner system

The interior system of the split Air Conditioner requires at least 15 centimeters of the open room surrounding its leading and sides for proper air circulation.

  • Suitable setup elevation from the ground

Mount the interior device of split Air Conditioning at an elevation of 7 to 8 feet above the ground for appropriate cooling inside the space.

  • The correct tilt angle of the interior unit

While repairing the aluminum brace on the wall, make sure that the bracket is offered a small tilt angle to make sure that the interior system of the split Air Conditioner, when fitted, is also at a mild angle to allow unrestricted circulation of the condensed water from the drainpipe pipe.

  • The appropriate place of outside device

For appropriate air conditioning, mount the indoor as well as outside units of split A/C at a place away from direct sunlight, as well as water. Install the outdoor system of split A/C in an open area to make sure that there is no limitation to the warmth dissipated from the condenser.

  • Correct positioning of the outdoor unit

The exterior system of split Air Conditioning has to be placed on a level, as well as an inflexible surface. This unit includes essential parts of a split Air Conditioner like condenser, compressor, fan motor, and so on. If the system is not on a flat surface after that, it will shake exceedingly, which can bring about the damage of coolant leak, copper pipes, as well as condenser/compressor damage. Better, the shaking system makes lots of noise which could interrupt you, as well as your next-door neighbors.

Therefore, to be sure, it is always a better idea to leave the installment thing to a professional company.

Wesley L. Layden


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