How to Camouflage a Mini Split Unit

how to camouflage a mini split unit

Mini split units, commonly known as ductless systems, have become increasingly popular due to their efficiency, compact size, and ease of installation. However, while they might be excellent for temperature control, they aren’t always the most visually appealing addition to a room. If you’re seeking ways to make your mini split less conspicuous, you’re in the right place. Here’s how to artfully camouflage your unit without compromising its functionality.

Consider the Placement

Elevate the Unit

By positioning your mini split high on the wall, you can draw eyes away from it. This not only keeps it out of direct line of sight but also optimizes airflow and cooling efficiency.

Away from Focal Points

Avoid placing the unit on walls that are focal points. For instance, the wall facing the main entrance or one that hosts a significant piece of art should be mini split-free zones.

Decorative Covers and Custom Cabinetry

Custom Covers

There are various decorative covers available in the market that are designed specifically for mini splits. These covers can be painted or textured to match your room’s décor.

Built-in Shelves

Consider integrating a shelving system or cabinet around the mini split. This way, the unit becomes part of the furniture ensemble, drawing less attention to itself.

Incorporate with Wall Art

Gallery Wall

Surrounding your mini split with art can divert attention away from it. Create a gallery wall, ensuring that the artwork around the unit is cohesive and the unit itself becomes just another frame on the wall.

Tapestry or Wall Hanging

A piece of fabric art or tapestry can be hung close to the mini split, making the unit less noticeable and adding a touch of sophistication to the room.

Plants to the Rescue

Tall Plants

Placing tall indoor plants like the fiddle leaf fig or snake plant can obscure the lower portion of wall-mounted units, especially when they’re not placed too high up on the wall.

Hanging Plants

For units installed higher, consider hanging plants with cascading foliage. They create a natural curtain that’s both pleasant to look at and effective in camouflaging.

Color Coordination

Match the Wall

Paint the exterior of the mini split the same color as your wall. This simple trick can make a significant difference in how much the unit stands out.

Use Decals

Decals or wall stickers can be applied to the mini split, helping it blend with the theme of the room. Just ensure these don’t block any vents or interfere with the unit’s functionality.


Camouflaging your mini split doesn’t mean you’re compromising on its efficiency. With a little creativity, it’s possible to make the unit blend seamlessly with your interior décor. Whether you’re using plants, art, or custom cabinetry, the key is to ensure that the unit still has ample space around it for airflow, ensuring it works optimally while looking discreet.

Wesley L. Layden

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