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How Often Do You Need to Replace Your Mattress?


Sleep is a significant aspect of human health. Your body needs quality sleep to heal and rejuvenate itself. Also, quality sleep allows your brain to effectively process your emotions and store memories. To get a good night’s sleep, you need a comfortable mattress. Thus, you must get the best mattress you can afford and replace your old one. If you are ready to get rid of your old mattress, contact a company like Recyc-Matelas Canada that can recycle it for you. The company takes the burden of discarding a mattress and helps you protect the environment. 

When to Replace Your Mattress

Generally, replacing mattresses must be done every 6-8 years. But there are several factors that impact when your mattress must be replaced. If the mattress is uncomfortable enough to give you sleepless nights, then you should let it go as soon as possible. Also, you may need to replace it if it has damage and is saggy, makes an unusual noise, and causes allergies. When you notice your mattress is no longer giving you restful sleep, you should give it up and get a new one. 

Factors that Impact the Lifespan of a Mattress

How long your mattress will last depend on the following factors:

  • Materials. The materials your mattress is made out of influence its durability. All-foam mattresses and low-quality innerspring do not last a long time because they tend to sag easily and are prone to body impressions. Also, hybrid mattresses can easily experience these issues but they can be more durable as the materials used for making them are of higher quality. The most durable mattress is a latex mattress, which can last for 8 years or more. 
  • Care and maintenance. Mattresses last longer when taken care of properly. Maintenance includes rotating the mattress every three months and using a mattress protector. 
  • User weight and size. The weight and size of those who use the mattress also impact the rate at which it will degrade. If you are a heavy sleeper, your mattress may sag quickly. Likewise, a mattress that accommodates a couple may wear out sooner than one used by one sleeper. 
  • Children and pets. Do you share the bed with small kids or your pets? If so, you may need to replace the mattress frequently. Apart from the extra weight of these users, children and pets may also cause stains or damage to your mattress. 

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