How Can You Make Your Home Wheelchair Accessible?


Modifying the home to the accessible for someone who relies on the use of a wheelchair can involve some challenging logistics. Nevertheless, it is possible to make effective improvements to accommodate a wheelchair. Here are some of the most important things that you may need to think about doing.

Build a Ramp

Getting in and out of your home could necessitate a ramp. It is important to plan the design for a ramp carefully. The slope of a ramp must be appropriately angled to be safe for use.

Install an Elevator

Some people who live in two-story homes opt to modify only the first floor and reconfigure it to be the primary living space of a person who uses a wheelchair. However, this approach may involve substantial changes to a floor plan, and it ultimately deprives wheelchair users of access to a large part of a home’s living space. An elevator may be a preferable alternative. You can find a company that installs custom elevators Fort Worth TX to design a safe solution for easy access to your home’s second floor.

Mount Your Bathroom Sink to the Wall

In newer homes, bathroom sinks usually sit on vanities. This type of sink is not ideal for a wheelchair user because he or she must reach very far forward in order to use it. Affixing a sink directly to the wall makes it possible to roll the chair right up against a sink so that a wheelchair user can reach the handle and faucet with relative ease.

Rethink Storage

You will likely have to make some changes to storage solutions. Storing items in high kitchen cabinets or hanging clothes on a high rod is impractical for wheelchair users.

Strategic modifications to your home can resolve access issues adequately. These types of improvements make it possible for families to make full use of their homes, and they help to keep disabled loved ones safe from injury.

Wesley L. Layden

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